Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for 2021

by Vlen Feng
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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for 2021

The perfect gifts for Him, Her & the kids. There's a unique Christmas present for everyone for everyone on your list in 2021. That’s where this list of unique Christmas gifts comes in handy, though. There’s a lil something for that person you barely know and your BFF (plus everyone in between).With all these present options on your side, I'm just sayin'... Santa, take notes.


1. Portable Pendant Neck Massager 

A massager gadget could be the first gift choice for parents & people who has neck pain. This VIVZONE Portable Pendant Neck Massager using EMS dual-pulse technology, pulse current is transmitted to the nerve layer, blood vessel layer and muscle simulating a variety of master massage techniques.

MSRP: $69 

Christmas Sale Price: $49 

30%-OFF CODE: XMAS2021 


2. Sunset Projector Lamp  

sunset projector lamp

 Revamp your room with a rainbow of colors for a feel-good vibe and dreamy display in your living room or bedroom. These aluminum alloy lamps feature a round glass prism that produces captivating auras in your choice of colors. Create a mesmerizing glow with our mood-boosting, eye-catching Prism Aura floor, and table lamps and leave guests awestruck.

MSRP: $69 

Christmas Sale Price: $49 



3. EP LIGHT Unique Handcrafted Desk Lamp 

ep light desk lamp

What if you’re looking to get something of a quirky, funky look without breaking the bank?  EP Design Lab might have the answer for you with their line of E.P.Light colorful resin bulbs with cool internal designs and colors. Each piece is handmade and unique. This must be the best gift for a unique friend!

MSRP: $69 

Christmas Sale Price: $49 



4. Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp 

magnetic levitation moon lamp

This 3D print floating Moon lamp is sure one of the most lovely Christmas presents. It uses magnets to float and spin automatically, freely, and silently above a thick wooden platform. Offers 3 Lighting Modes - White, Warm White, Warm Yellow. 

MSRP: $149

Christmas Sale Price: $104.3 



5. Digital Word Clock

digital word clock

At first glance it might look like a word search puzzle, but when the LED display lights up, it becomes clear that it’s not just a modern sculpture, but a functional clock.

MSRP: $ 60

Christmas Sale Price: $48 



6. Touch Sensitive Modular Wall Lights

touch sensitive wall lamps

With this modular lights, you can arrange them in any shape or design you wish to turn your wall into an illuminated canvas. And your hands are the brush. Swipe your hand across them to brighten things up with a simple touch. Only the ones you've touched will light up, so you can truly customize the mood of any space. 

MSRP: $ 65

Christmas Sale Price: $45 



7. Silicone Unicorn Night Light for Kids

 colorful unicorn night light

Our little girl/boy will have magical dreams with the help of this unicorn lamp . Designed to give a soft glow, this unicorn night light is perfect for a child's bedroom, a play room or even a bathroom. Anywhere you would need a dim, warm, fun accent light . 

MSRP: $ 29.9

Christmas Sale Price: $19.5





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