7 Pantry & Kitchen Organization Ideas To Upgrade Your Storage

by Vlen Feng
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7 Pantry & Kitchen Organization Ideas To Upgrade Your Storage

 If you're lacking on kitchen storage space, it's time to trick out the cabinets, drawers, and island with a few space-saving solutions. You just have to rethink those the little nooks and niches, and you'll discover the untapped resource of counter space.

We have a great list of DIY kitchen organization and storage ideas for you that will make your life a little easier. You can choose the one that you need or use several of them. Imagine a kitchen that is perfectly organized with everything in its place and a place for everything. Many of these projects are so easy that you can do several in a weekend and have your kitchen perfectly clutter-free in no time. 


 1. Creative Design on Corner of Your Kitchen Cabinet

 Transforming the corner of the cabinet into a rotating design to use every available inch on your kitchen. You can put large pieces of kitchenware here, like frying pans, stockpots, etc. 


2. Try a Pull-Out Pantry

This pull-out design enables you to get seasonings easily. It greatly improve the efficiency of cooking and the storage of kitchen pantry.


3.  Store Dinnerware in cabinets

In this modern monochrome kitchen , the dinnerware is stored  in enclosed cabinets rather than hidden away in sleek drawers.


4.Keep your command center handy 


kitchen bins


You don’t have to buy all the gear for pantry organization at IKEA or the Container Store to get a nice set of storage products: Keep an eye out for containers you can reuse and recycle from the products you’re already buying, such as quart- and pint-sized takeout containers, glass pasta sauce or jam jars, or even gelato containers. You can use cool labels to dress up your basic containers—and help save the planet, too. 


5.Group like items together 


Group like items together


If you want a clean kitchen, you don't have to spend money to buy a lot of baskets and storage boxes. You can reuse kraft paper bags and put labels on the surface.



This method is also suitable for refrigerators organization .


6. Coordinating tableware




I had all kinds of colors, materials etc. I had black spatulas, silver ice cream scoop, red that. It was a mess. I searched everywhere for a gadget set that would match my flatware. It was actually not easy to find! 


7. Pots and Pans Rack


 Pots and Pans Rack


Stacking your pots and pans in a cabinet results in scratches and is a total headache to sift through in a hurry. But this storage solution ($175, amazon.com) can hold up to 100 pounds and means you'll never have to struggle with cookware again. 


ep light lamp

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