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Can this bulb be used in COMMON lamps? 


Yes, EP LIGHT bulb is like the regular LED bulb and can be used in any common lamps or light bases (with E67/27 screw mouth).


Can this light bulb be light up without base?


No, the light bulb have to be used with light base like the common LED bulb.


Are the bulbs dimmable?


No, the light bulb is not dimmable. Using the bulb on a dimmable base may damage the bulb.


How can the bulb be light up up-side-down (without screw-in)? 


With the LED WOOD BASE, you can light up & display the light bulb without screw in any lamp.


How big are these bulbs?


We offer 3 shapes of bulb: Edison, Tubular, Vintage.


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