1.  224 LEDs two-axis rotating imaging, presenting naked-eye high-definition 3D visual effects. 

2. Comes with A Very Large Video Library, Including Food, Universe, Sci-Fi, Animation, Cyber Etc. (Download Video Library

3. Support APP+Bluetooth connection.

4. Support Customized 3D Logo & pictures.

5. Mobile phone synchronous screen projection function.

6. Multi-machine linkage + unlimited splicing: support unlimited splicing, large-scale linkage audio and video, unlimited size, more shocking display (requires other components)


Size: 41*41*38 cm

Resolution: 640*640

Viewing Angle: 160°

Output Voltage: 12V/2A

Power: 10 -15 W

Display Diameter: 40 cm

LED Quantity: 224 pcs

Storage Capacity: 8 G

Support Format: MP4/JPG/GAIF/MOV

Supporting System: Windows/ iOS/ Android

Brightness adjustment: yes

Bluetooth audio: support


Package Included:

1x3d holographic projector
1x remote control
1x8G memory card
1x Fixing Bracket
1x Power adapter
1x adapter
3x mounting screws


3D Hologram Projection Light

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