Lucky Bird LED Wooden Table Lamp - - Buyer’s Guide and Review

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Lucky Bird LED Wooden Table Lamp - - Buyer’s Guide and Review

Like to be close to nature, love the flowers and the birds? Now you can bring nature back home! Well to set that relaxing or romantic mood in your room, you can set with the help of this luck bird LED lamps that looks really fancy. 

A bedside night light not only lights up a room, but it also doubles as a piece of room decor. Come and find SATU BROWN Home of Light Birds that fits your aesthetic. When your friend comes to your home, they would applaud, "Wow! That is really nice". As a night light casting soft glow, it can keep things from getting too dark to help children calm fears and nightmares. Let your baby sleep tight and sweet dreams. 

The night light has three ways to turn it on:

  • birds with pir motion sensors;
  • birds with touch control;
  • egg with vibration sensor.

Or you can simply tap on the bottom of black branch.

Stick-on Anywhere

  • The Light of Bird is easy to stick on anywhere and easy to install withdouble-sided tape.
  • It's perfect for illuminating smaller areas, such as wardrobe, closets, cabinets, counters, utility room and hallway.
  • Simply open the wardrobe light's on. You can quickly make a choice of what to wear in the morning.
  • In the evening, when somebody is going to need to make a break for the potty or a drink of water, the lamp works during the entryway.




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  • Against Dropping
  • Won't be heating
  • Each piece is UNIQUE & 100% HANDMADE
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