5 Amazing Backyard Lighting Ideas

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5 Amazing Backyard Lighting Ideas
Backyard are among the most sought-after outdoor design elements, and its easy to see why. When it comes to a backyard, bigger isn't always better. Small outdoor spaces can just as enjoyable for entertaining in the spring and summer as spacious ones. Here are 5 amazing outdoor lighting ideas to help you create the perfect nighttime entertaining space.

1. String Lighting

string lighting for backyard
String lights are an easy and fairly inexpensive way to add light to your backyard or garden. Simply string them up, plug them in, and you’re ready for a cozy night outside.
backyard hammock lighting
Hammock decorated with string lighting, creates cozy and romantic entertaining place. 
 string lamp

2. Pendant Lights

EPLIGHT Pendant Lights
If you have a dedicated dining area in your backyard, pendant lights can be used to shed some light on mealtime conversation and let the outdoor festivities carry on late into the night.
eplight flower pendant lamp
Getting bored with the original pendant light? These brand new and creative EPlight lamp might bring you some new ideas!
eplight bulbs 4 sets

3. Vintage Desktop Lights

outdoor dining table lamp

Having an outdoor dinner party can be as simple as throwing some meat and veggies on the grill and calling the neighbors over, or, in the case of an elegant outdoor soiree, it can involve some planning.  Get rid of  the candle, a special vintage desktop lamp could be a beautiful decoration for your outdoor dinning table.

vintage desktop lamp


outdoor vintage lights


eplight dining table

 4. LED Pathway Lights

pathways lighting


 Using LED lights to line your walkway is a great way to ensure that nobody loses their footing on a dark path at night.


pathway lighting

outdoor path light

5. Uplighting

backyard uplighting

 Make a statement in your backyard and garden by positioning lights under trees and plants as well as right up against a wall. It’ll brighten the space while also making it look more dramatic and cozy.

lighting ideas

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