When We Combined Abstract Expressionism with LED bulbs, Innovative Artwork was Born

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When We Combined Abstract Expressionism with LED bulbs, Innovative Artwork was Born

E.P. Design Lab is a collective, interdisciplinary creative group that brings together professionals from different disciplines within the digital society: Visual artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, web and print graphic designers and editors. Our group aims to push beyond the boundaries between art, science, and technology, through strategic co-creative processes, to create an original product that has never before been manufactured. 

We are visionaries, dreamers, and creatives, inspired to forge ahead into unchartered territory to bring you the most innovative and beautiful creations.

Our E.P. Light products are in part a tribute to the master of Abstract Expressionism, the great Jackson Pollock. His body of work, along with Thomas Edison's innovative inventions, inspired our idea for E.P. Light bulbs. We are huge fans of abstract painting and we have been pursuing new methods of presenting our own abstract art. We hope you enjoy!

ep light

One sleepless night not so long ago, one of our artists stretched out, stared at the LED bulb in the ceiling, and caught a vision to create E.P. Light.

The light bulb is one of the most groundbreaking inventions in human history, and is now ubiquitous in our day-to-day lives. We asked ouselves how we can add beauty to ordinary light bulbs. This started us on our journey to develop the E.P. Light brand - our tribute to Abstract Expressionism, invention and innovation.

combine artworks and light bulbs

We create original works of art, innovating on the common light bulb. We named our product E.P. Light, in honor of Mr. Thomas Edison and Jackson Pollock, to whom we pay tribute as our creative inspiration.

eplight bulbs

E.P. Light is an ambient LED light made with environmentally-friendly silicone injections. Our high-quality, environmentally-safe bulbs are extremely durable and won't break, even if you drop them. The bulb stays cool to the touch and never heats up, even after long hours of emitting beautiful light.

flower led bulbs

As environmentalists, we are passionate about promoting ​​environmental protection through our artwork, and we want to empower everyone to work together to protect marine life, wildlife, and our forests, to name just a few.

by Creative team


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