5 Unusual Father‘s Day Gift Ideas

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5 Unusual Father‘s Day Gift Ideas

We’re here to remind you that Father’s Day is right around the corner — it’s close enough that you should start putting some thought into it, but far enough that you still have time to figure out just how you’re going to surprise him. Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 17th this year and we’re here to help you find a special gift.

1. Betterback- Gift Healthy 

better back

As part of Amazon’s startup initiative ‘Launchpad’, the e-commerce behemoth has tied up with Kickstarter to bring Kickstarter’s products to everyday consumers. BetterBack is a must-have product for father who has back pain. This product costs only $59 & it corrects their back posture while sitting. Gone are the days of back pain from sitting slouched at their desk.

2. Light up his World – Eplight

father's day gift

EPLight - the unique light bulb created in honor of Mr.Thomas Edison and Jackson Pollock combining both technology and artistry, is also the product born on Kickstarter.

Each piece of EPLight bulb is unique with environmental-friendly silicone injection inside, together with a little paint and colorful fluid to provide a unique pattern each time once solidification has taken place.

father's day gift eplight

There are 4 collections of bulbs and several sorts of base to choose from, you can combine it into your favorite. The bulb is against dropping and won’t be heating after long-hour work. It is said that the unique lamp for a unique father. This is also the ideal lighting for family parties and dining-table.

It’s only from 19.95$.

3.Whisky Stones - Cheers to Dad 

whisky stones

Chilled whisky is great. Diluted whisky isn't. Enter whisky stones: Vermont-milled soapstones that you chill and add to your dram in lieu of ice cubes to keep your booze chilly without flooding it in taste-killing water.

4. Smartwear with Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Monitor – Take Care of His Healthy 

smartwear father's day gift

With this, he’ll be able to keep track of his Blood Pressure (non-medical), Heart Rate and sleep monitoring and connecting with its App on phone, knowing his health conditions at the first time and make his own healthy living choices. Besides, it is waterproof and equipped with some basic functions like calorie counter, step and distance counter, call & SMS reminder, etc. The price is also adorable, comes with 36.66$.

5.   HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker – For Cool Dad

HyperChiller father's day gifts

Summer is coming. Who doesn't love a chilled-to-perfection iced coffee on a hot summer day? Simple yet effective, the HyperChiller can chill hot coffee in about a minute — without diluting the beverage. If that's not enough, it's also able to chill whisky, wine and any other liquid vice Dad may have.

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