5 Ambient Lighting Ideas for Home Decor

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5 Ambient Lighting Ideas for Home  Decor

Ambient lighting is what helps you from tripping over things – that’s how important it is. It’s the light that substitutes for natural light in a room, the light that illuminates it.

The ambient light in a room can also have a decorative role. That makes sense since the idea is not to light up the space for practical reasons but rather to make it feel more welcoming and comfortable. Here are 5 ambient lighting ides to enhance your home atmosphere and decorations that you won't like to miss.

1. Wall sconces - Less is more

wall scones lights by eplight

If you decide to add some ambient lighting to a space, be careful not to overdecorate the room. It’s easy to go with the flow and it’s understandable to want to add a lot of features and decorative elements to the space but at one point it can become too much. As a common type of lighting, Wall sconce are fixed on a wall and are versatile enough to be used for general lighting, task or accent lighting.  

wall sconces

When the lights are off, this installation sets a pleasant mood and the rest of the time it just looks interesting.

 wall sconces for bedroom

2. Use backlit Panels

These backlit panels form an interesting and eye-catching headboard and double as decorative elements. It could be used in mirrors, background wall, bedsides, bathroom, etc.

backlit panels in mirrors

Use ambient lighting to complete a room’s decor or to draw attention to a specific element in the room.

backlit panels for living room

backlit panels bathroom

backlit panels bedroom

3. Bedside lamp 

Choosing a suitable bedside light is extremely important for an insomniac patient. A suitable bedside lamp creates a good sleep atmosphere and makes people relax.In a nutshell, Good lighting will enhance any room.

bedside lamp

It should be bright enough for reading and soft enough for sleeping, so it should be equipped with a function to adjust brightness.

eplight flower bedside lamp

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bedside lamp by eplight

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4. Creative ceiling lamp

Mesmerize your guests with these gold contemporary style ceiling lamps that will add a distinct touch to any room

eplight creative ceiling lamp

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creative ceiling lamp

ceiling light

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5. Torchieres 

Not to be confused with floor lamps, torchieres have a shade that points upwards, illuminating the walls and the ceiling. They fall in the realm of uplights. For this reason they are also higher than the floor lamp, which are primarily downward-facing and used for task lighting.

floor lamp

Torchieres are a fantastic addition for general lighting and have the great advantage that you can place them wherever you have a dark spot and an outlet.


Use higher wattage energy-efficient CFL bulbs, so you can light up a larger area with just one lamp.



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