Guides on How to Make a Stylish EPlight Edison Bulb

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Guides on How to Make a Stylish EPlight Edison Bulb

After our crowdfunding campaign, EPdesign Lab sold out 6000 pcs of EPlight bulbs in 6 weeks during our campaign. Some of EPlight fans have shared their own EPlight bulbs on several social media and caused widespread concern. 

eplight Edison bulb

People were really amazed by the looks of our light bulbs and are curious about how this light bulb was made. In this following content, we will reveal how to make a stylish EPlight bulb!

What is inside the light bulb?

pollockman artwroks

 Our artistic inspiration came from the works of another most creative minds of 20th century, Jackson Pollock. So we named our product: E.P.Light, in honor of Mr.Thomas Edison and Jackson Pollock.

led bulbs from eplight

Hence, the artist inject a sort of processed pigments in to the EPlight bulb and the pattern in the bulb is based on abstract paintings.

What is the EPlight Bulb make from?

against dropping

Each E.P. Light bulb is crafted from the best quality resin, available only in Burma as far as we know, which it's highly transparent, Eco-friendly, recyclable. It makes the bulb safe for outdoor or indoor use, against dropping, and won't be hot to the touch even after long hours of radiating beautiful light.


How to make the EPlight bulb?

 The production process is actually very simple, but it is full of challenges.

make an eplight bulb

Why simple? Because it takes only 3 Step!

  1.  Inject the resin into the model;
  2. Solidification & paint;
  3. Done.

eplight LED bulbs

Anyway, it's easier than saying. Our artist successfully made it from hundreds of failures, since it is not easy to control the line, surface, rhythm and brushwork on a 3 dimensional space and the solidified timing of  resin. Thanks to these constraints, actual color and paint curves inside is totally random and unique, which makes each piece of EPlight bulb unique and gorgeous. 


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eplight bulbs

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  • Won't be heating
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