Guide on How to Place Floor Lamps In Living Room

by Vlen Feng
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Guide on How to Place Floor Lamps In Living Room

Living room lamps serve many purposes. While table lamps can be a great feature, floor lamps free up precious table space. But sometimes they’re tricky to place. 

There are a variety of designs and styles available in the market that can complement every interior design and fit any budget. Floor lamps are also very quick and easy to assemble. 

Here are some tips on how you place a floor lamp in your living room: 


Place a Floor Lamp Behind the couch 

A popular choice for floor lamp placement is behind the couch. If your couch is positioned away from the wall, a floor lamp in between creates great depth and provides a perfect reading light over your shoulder. The bottom of the lamp shade should be at eye level to avoid straining the eyes.  

curve floor lamp

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Place a floor lamp behind or next to the television 

Placing a floor lamp next to or behind your TV might not be an obvious choice, but a lamp here reduces glare and eye strain. This will reduce glare and soften the contrast. 

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Place a floor lamp at the corners of your living room 

Radiate light inward by placing a floor lamp at the corners of your living room. With the EP LIGHT Corner Floor Lamp, you can also cast soft, colorful light into the corners of the room for a unique wall-washing effect. 

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Mount floor lamps on both sides of the fireplace 

We like to use floor lamps to accentuate architectural details, accent chairs, or a fireplace.  

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