5 Benefits of Smart Light Bulb

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5 Benefits of Smart Light Bulb

Light bulbs have grown exponentially smarter in recent years. Do you want to replace your existing bulbs with smart equivalents or are you looking for mood lighting from lamps and light strips? Do you want to control your lights from HomeKit, by speaking to Alexa or with a physical control?

This guide will tell you 5 main benefits of switching to smart light bulbs. We've rounded up our highest-rated smart bulbs, along with some points to consider while shopping, to help you decide.

1. Dimmable

One of the basic features of smart bulbs is that you can dim many of them without having to install dimmer switches in your home. Simply screw a dimmable smart bulb into your lamps or chandeliers and dim or brighten them using the bulb's corresponding app.

Currently almost all of the smart light bulbs are dimmable.

  • Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb White and Color
  • Philips Hue White
  • C by GE Starter Pack
  • Cree Connected LED Bulb
  • Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb
  • LIFX Color 1000
  • Ikea Tradfri Gateway Kit
  • Xiaomi Smart Bulb

2. Support Remote Control 

Some smart bulbs, such as the Lifx, Philips Hue GE, Link Bulbs have scheduling features which let you control your lights when you aren't home. This is a great security option for when you're on vacation, because your home never looks empty. It also means you can come home to a lit house without leaving your lights on and wasting electricity. Most light brands offer a hub that can sync all of your lights together so you can control all of them with one app. 

eplight bulb

3. Enable Color-changing

Color-changing bulbs are great for mood lighting, and some can even sync up with certain movies and TV shows. Many smart bulbs also change color. In fact, some, including the Flux Smart LED Light Bulb, can produce a range of over 16 million colors. You can select the exact color you want by tapping a color wheel in the bulb's app. With the Philips Hue, Siri can even change your lighting whenever you ask. 

4. Some can play music

Imagine not having speaker wires everywhere, but still being able to hear your tunes in any room of the house. Smart bulbs with built-in speakers can make it happen.

  • MiPow PLAYBULB Color - speaker bulb 
  • Sengled Pulse


5. They can help you sleep better

Smart bulbs can even help you sleep better. The C Sleep emits several color temperatures that are designed to help regulate natural melatonin production in the body. Its light settings help suppress your melatonin levels during the day and increase melatonin as you get near bedtime. Lighting Science is another bulb that emits soothing light that doesn't interrupt your natural circadian rhythm. 

 Two of these four bulbs -- the C by GE "Sleep" LEDs -- will even change color temperatures automatically throughout the day, going from a hot, bluish, get-the-hell-out-of-bed tone in the morning to a warm, orangey, you-are-getting-sleepy shade in the evening.



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eplight smart LED

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