2019 Christmas Gift Guide - Unique Gift for Boyfriend

by Vlen Feng
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2019 Christmas Gift Guide - Unique Gift for Boyfriend

When it comes to Christmas gifts for boyfriends, a great present doesn't need to be expensive or complicated — it just needs to be on point. A unique Christmas gift should be inspired by him and inspiring for him. Here are some things to consider in choosing personalized Christmas gifts for your boyfriend. 

Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend 2019 

 1. TSHOMX Luxury Hand Forged Lighter

tshomx luxury lighters

 If he is a smoker, this hand forged lighter could be adorable for him and the best alternative to Zippo. Handcrafted with intricate details, TSHOMX lighters are durable and long lasting. Their collection of kerosene lighters are hand sewn using the finest Italian cowhide with fine deep-carved design embellishments. Each TSHOMX lighter upholds a standard of quality and craftsmanship for a sleek, timeless product.

SHOP : tshomx.com


 2. Diamond Whiskey Glass

diamond Whiskey glass

If your boyfriend is into wine or whiskey, he would love these novelty whiskey glasses. It is designed to help release the flavors and aromas of your favorite whiskey. The diamond shape is perfect for rotating the glass for swirling scotch, highballs, and any of your favorite drinks. Great accessories for his bar, dinner parties and gatherings with friends.

SHOP: amazon.com


3. Acoustibox Speaker

 the acoustibox

For a music lover boyfriend, we highly recommend the Acoustibox. It is designed to let your music and you be free. Placing your smartphone on the dock will allow the Acoustibox to amplify your favorite songs up to three times without the necessity of electricity, battery or bluetooth speaker! The ability to hear more detail in the music especially with acoustic sounds!

So what we like to say is “Listening to music has never been so elegant.”

 SHOP:  theAcoustibox .com


4. EP Light Lamp

art fixture lamp

ep light

A beautiful unique piece of decor featuring mesmerizing naturally shaped wood encased in crystal clear resin. The piece is designed to look like a beautiful underwater scene, with swirling waves suspended inside the resin.

This is a unique gift for boyfriend, because the lamp is 100% handmade, the actual color and paint curves inside each creation is totally random and unique

SHOP: EPDesignlab.com


5. Tweetie Glasses

tweetie glasses

Tweetie Sunglasses feature patented bone conduction technology that delivers stereo sound through the ear cartilage. Hear your music and the world around you with open-ear design and premium eye protection. It is the first Bone Conduction Audio Glasses equipped with head gesture control, enables you make calls, control music by shaking your head.

Shop: TweetieGlasses.com





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