5 Gift Ideas for your Friends

by Aneeza Sehrish
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5 Gift Ideas for your Friends

Gifts play a vital role in communicating emotions that you can not be expressed otherwise. The essence of a gift, be it a thing or a gesture, lies in the thought put behind. And that's what makes, gifts little yet powerful elements of revitalizing and rejuvenating relations of all sorts. 

However, it often gets quite arduous to select a single gift that reflects your thoughtful approach and guarantees a smile on the faces of your dear ones, especially when it comes to home decoration gifts. For that very reason, EP Design Lab has brought together the finest craftsmanship and artistic innovation, to instigate the most mesmerizing and meaningful home decoration gift; Ambient LED Bulbs. These LED bulbs are cultural and creative artworks that address the needs of contemporary social life. 

The lightweight, gorgeous translucent crystalline bulbs, are manufactured with the most durable materials and are injected with the highest quality resin, that is only available in Burma. The extended lifetime of these uniquely built bulbs symbolizes the zeal and longevity of your bond. What's more, EP Design Lab takes care of the energy-costs as much as it does of your loved ones. These captivating LED bulbs consume lesser energy than the traditional bulbs and reduce the electricity costs by 63 percent!

The individually hand-crafted bulbs come in a wide variety of designs and patterns. Here are some of the unique editions of EP Design Lab’s gift collection of ambient LED bulbs:



Fire tubular bulb is the ideal home decoration gift choice for your environmentalist friend as it reflects the complexity of nature with its color variation in a calm and composed manner. Also, the eco-friendly designing of the bulb helps save considerable energy while efficiently enlightening your ambiance. The Fire LED bulb is also available in lamps collection.

Halloween Batman Bulb


Can’t come up with a creative Halloween gift while October is approaching real fast? Well, do not worry as this cute little bulb with the Batman logo in the center is a perfect gift on a Halloween night! With its strong durability and yellowish-gothic body, the bulb is sure to produce spooky lighting both indoors and outdoors, which is suitable for the occasion. Also, the Batman logo makes it an outstanding merchandise gift that is certainly going to delight your Batman-loving friend!

White Hydrangea


Do you love walking around in a garden, when the dim moonlight illuminates each petal so that it spreads an unearthly glow? If so, then try recreating a similar scenario indoors with this exceptional white hydrangea bulb! The beautifully crafted petals brightened up by the LED light is sure to engulf your room into a heavenly sensation. Perhaps, try sharing this mesmerizing experience with your loved ones!

Galaxy bulb

It is not necessary to go beyond this world to experience the miraculous and captivating atmosphere of the galaxy. If the mere thought of galaxy is intriguing and you are passionate about it, then try to explore by transforming your bedroom into an extraterrestrial yet phenomenal space! You can even use these galaxy glow-in-the-dark LED bulbs as lamps and gift it to others.

Green Light Bulb


Rekindling the spark of your bonding, Flame Bulb is the perfect home decoration gift for that special someone, to whom you wish to remind the energy of your connection. Even more, the yellow and orange-red tones of this robustly built LED bulb provides the right lighting for both indoor and outdoor décor. Weighing only 250 grams, you can hang up these artworks and lighten up, Halloween parties and all your special events!

by Aneeza Sehrish


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