How To Light Your Backyard For Parties

by Aneeza Sehrish
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How To Light Your Backyard For Parties

Having a party at your home means searching for some great ideas for the decor. It may seem tiring but once you get the right idea, you ‘ll have fun planning for it. 

Your decor may include different things but lighting is one of the most important of all. Suppose you put great efforts in all the arrangements and decor but fail to provide the required lighting to the area... All of your efforts might go into waste.

We care for your efforts and want your parties to be amazing. Consider our light bulb ideas and create amazing decor and a well-lit space.


Your Birthday party

Have your favorite decor in the backyard on your birthday. And why not.. It’s your day so, everything should be according to your choice. Add your favorite style and colors to the decor but don’t forget the lighting of the area. Believe me, you can have lighting that matches your favorite colored decor too. Select the unique LED light bulbs of your choice from our collection to finish the look. Now, put on your matching dress and walk down the aisle. *wink* 


Your little one’s birthday party

Is your little champ’s or princess’s birthday approaching? You must be so excited about the party. And you would have been planning about it for so many days. You might want to have all the arrangements and decor according to his/her choice. So, add his/her favorite color light bulbs too, to the backyard. With our funky bulbs, you can give it a fun touch too. Enjoy the giggles of your little one in those colorful lights.  

Wedding decor

A wedding is the time of all cheers and happiness in a family. If any of your family’s wedding is near, some functions might take place at your home too. So, decorating your backyard for the function sounds perfect. Or even if there isn’t any wedding function at your home, you can still have decor at the backyard. Add our elegant LED light bulbs to the decor and get your guests amazed at the charming atmosphere.

Family get-together

When on any occasion you’re having a family get-together, plan it at your backyard. Add EP Design Lab’s light bulbs above as a decent decor element. Let the aura of the backyard be charming and comfortable. So that you don’t miss the special moments of chatting and feasting with your loved ones. 

Friends’ meet up

Excited that your friends are coming over at your place? You might be needing bold-colored light bulbs to give a dramatic touch to the backyard. Have a look at our trendy LED bulbs with bold colors infused within. You can also plan a color-themed party. Hang the colored bulbs complementing the theme. Have fun with friends in that well-lit space.


by Aneeza Sehrish


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