How to decorate your room for Halloween with lights

by Aneeza Sehrish
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How to decorate your room for Halloween with lights

Looking for something? Well, let me guess… It’s almost the most exciting night of the year and just like any other teen in town; you want your room to enchant too. There are numerous ideas and trust me, I was as confused as you are. But you know what… I figured out what’s the most influencing factor in decorations. It’s, Lighting! So, being a struggling bread earner myself, I understand the need for staying economic. Here, I gathered some options you should consider which will definitely fit your budget.


Basically, windows need to be pretty attractive from the outside and inside. Here are some simple ideas.

All these pictures here include the same materials and idea. Let me break these for you.

How to work it?

It’s pretty simple.

  • Cut the crape paper of the size of your window
  • glue your desired card paper cutting on it
  • Set the fairy lights along the window’s border
  • paste your masterpiece on the glass

Easy right?

The walls:

You’re definitely not leaving the walls bare. Here we go with some spooky DIYs.

Shadows are the best way to create a scary effect.

How to work it?

Here we go

  • Cut your desired figure out of any hard and opaque material
  • Place the light behind it and have a spectacular corner done
  • OR place the light in front of your cutout and have a huge shadow covering your wall.

Lamps and accessories:

Who doesn’t have lamps and side accessories in their room? So here is something for them too.

These lamps are very simple and easy to make. All you need is a creative mind and just some jars/containers and lights/candles.

If you have such lamps in your room, just fancy them with some old worn-out chiffon or net to get your dim lightning and dark effect.

Buy an extra “trick or treat” bucket and done! Here it goes.

You can play with the lights as much as you want. So keep your creative skills high and your hands ready to work.

Use ping pong balls and some thin fibered fabric for turning these fairy lights into ghost lights.

If you’re not having anything else, you can go for these sticky LEDs at any time.

These are just some ground ideas. Use your own different magic and create something new and different for your room.

by Aneeza Sehrish


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