Top Living Room Light Fixture Ideas

by Aneeza Sehrish
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Top Living Room Light Fixture Ideas

The living room must be your favorite place for most of your day's activities, whether you watch Tv, play video games or receive your guests. So it is important to consider the good light sources in the living room.


Aren't those lights in your living room not enough to focus anywhere?

Aren't you tired of those old, un-trendy lights?

If Yes, then why not consider adding some modern lights in the living room?!

Let's not keep it more of an afterthought. And start discussing (read: working on) some great ideas to light up your living room.


Types Of Lighting:

Before discussing the ideas, It would be good to know some basics too.

So, when we talk about lighting a living room, we should know that a light fixture or a lamp may spread the light differently as per its particular design. How?

Here's the answer,

  1. Ambient lighting, a general background light providing overall illumination to the room.

Examples of fixtures that provide ambient light: Chandeliers, Pendant lights, Wall sconces, etc.

  1.   Task lighting, directs light to specific tasks and so highlights a certain zone or area in the room.

Examples that serve the (above mentioned) purpose: Table lamps, task lamps, piano lamps, etc

  1. Accent lighting highlights specific areas with a soft glow adding a subtle touch.

Examples that provide accent lighting: Accent lamps, Spotlights, Picture lights, etc.


Types Of Lights:

Having discussed the types of lighting, let's talk about the types of lights briefly (so you don't get bored- pun intended!).

Generally, lights can be categorized into three types, Ceiling lights, floor lights, and table lights.

  1. Ceiling lights: They may hang from a chain or attached to the ceiling, including chandelier, spotlights, pendant lights, etc.
  2. Floor lights: The type of lights that stand on the floor like floor-standing lamps, accent up-lights, etc.
  3. Table lights: The light source that may be embedded on top of any furniture, such as task lamps, desk lamps, reading lamps, etc.


Some Ideas For Great Lighting:

When it's about lighting up your living room, don't hesitate to think outside the box for ideas.  We did that too! Here are those ideas;

  • The idea of different lighting styles in a single living room presents an amazing lighting scheme.
  • If you have a large living room, a single ceiling light wouldn't be enough. So prefer multiple fixtures in the room.
  • You may like to consider LED 3-way lamps, which can be used in all three ways (as mentioned earlier).
  • For ambient (over-head) lighting, the idea of using two different styles works well.
  • A dimmer switch can be attached to the light fixtures (even the LED lights) to make them dimmable.
  • The task lights are of great help when you want to occupy just a specific spot for any of your activities.
  • There's no rule that the lighting styles in a room should match, so enjoy mixing the classic and modern styles together.


Things to keep in mind:

We have listed a couple of tips that would probably help you in lighting up your living room. Keep in mind,

  • The number of light sources and the amount of light they emit.
  • The distance of the light sources and surrounding objects or surfaces.
  • The types of light sources and their color temperature (Lower: yellow color, higher: white or blue).
  • The dim light sources (the ones with shades or covers). And the color of their shades, too.
  • The direction of the emitted light, perhaps determined by the use of different lamp shades.
  • The lighting in the day time and at night (in the absence of sunlight).
  • The purpose of a particular light fixture, whether it is used for adding decor or solely for lighting.

Did You Know?

Blue light waves from a light source induce production of a hormone, serotonin. This hormone contributes towards our alertness and focus, keeping us awake too. So light sources emitting blue light waves are a better option for the living room. So you don't fall asleep while completing your assignment. Sounds great!

And what happens with the lights other than blue ones?

They allow the brain to produce the hormone, melatonin. Its function is to make us relaxed and sleepy. Hence, you see that these are preferable for bedrooms.


by Aneeza Sehrish


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