Table Lamps You Will Love For Your Bedroom

by Aneeza Sehrish
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Table Lamps You Will Love For Your Bedroom

Do you want to give your bedroom's lighting a modish look?

We suggest you to add the bulbs or lamps from the EP Design Lab's fine collection. These bulbs would perfectly serve as an illuminator and as source a subtle decor too. Additionally, they are the highest quality, eco-friendly and easy-on-pocket bulbs with a life of more than 100,000 hours.

You certainly would not want to miss out on this divine creation of innovation and creativity.


Ghost Bulb:

When you want to go a little funky with the lighting of your bedroom, Ghost bulb lamp would be a perfect choice. A white light bulb with a cute handcrafted ghost right in the middle to give the room a spooky yet fun touch. You can install it in the bedroom, or anywhere the kids are having a fun party.

Prairie Bulb:

For those who love nature and its colors and want to keep it incorporated indoor, Worry not! the beautiful infusion of greens and blues in Prairie bulb will give you nature's feel. And that too within your room. This bulb, with soothing light, can be placed at the bed-side table or in your kid's nursery for a calm sensation. 


Firework Bulb:

As the name says, the bulb encloses the colors of fire, elegantly. The variation of colors from Yellow to Orange and Blue makes it look appealing to the eyes. You can place this bright light lamp on your study table or at the nook where you like to study your favorite book.


White Hydrangea Bulb:

This beauty-with-grace bulb gives the peaceful floral feel. Its lovely handcrafted flowers and leaves seem to be sinking in the clear bluish water. Make it a part of your bedroom lighting and create an aesthetically pleasing environment like never before. Or you can place it on the living room table, when the guests coming, for a touch of elegance


Galaxy (Gow in the dark) Bulb:

If you have a strong imagination and you are impassioned with the galaxy, then why not add some real touch of the galaxy in your bedroom. The galaxy colors of this bulb are charming yet satisfying. When the bulb will glow in the dark, it would let you feel like a piece of the galaxy in the room.

It's your choice now, which piece of beauty you want to add in your room. To shop or to see the entire collection, visit

by Aneeza Sehrish


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