10 Modern Lamps You Will Love

by Vlen Feng
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10 Modern Lamps You Will Love

Casting the right light in your home can truly transform the entire atmosphere. And while wattage certainly plays a key role in that transformation, style and design are not to be overlooked. Modern lighting fixtures that enhance a space with their sleek design and monotone colors. 

For this post, I have put together an extensive list of the best modern lamps you might love. 


 #1 Intueri Light Bonbon Table Lamp 

modern lamp

Lovably petite, the Intueri Light Bonbon Table Lamp emanates a glowing light from a carefully spun metal structure and hand-blown glass diffuser. Appropriately named after a small confection, the Bonbon makes for practical ambient lighting with a small body that can be placed virtually anywhere. The simple geometric components are handcrafted by artisans, culminating in a seamless form that creates an engaging light. 


#2 Ribbon LED Floor Lamp 

modern floor lamp

A modern interpretation of this classic 64" LED Floor Lamp, these ribbons of light add subtle interest to any corner. With an on/off switch on the round base and integrated LED functionality, it's also energy efficient and functional for a variety of spaces. Try mixing it with traditional furnishings for an eclectic twist or add to a minimalist space for a fitting accent.


#3 Polygon light 

modular touch sensitive lighting

Polygon modular, touch sensitive lighting, combining the traditional shape and Plato’s logic with the polygonal network often used in 3D modeling programs, it creates a new and unusual décor. 


#4 EP Light Desk Lamp 

EP Light is a stunning line of colorful, decorative LED light bulbs, inspired by the work of the famous abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock. The actual color and paint curve inside EP Light is totally random and unique, since it is made as a piece of art. No two pieces EP Lights are the same. 


#5 Driftwood Lamp with Edison Bulb  

driftwood modern lamp

JThis elegant and stylish at the same time lamp can become a great accent in your home interior! The floor lamp combines contrasting materials: beautifully shaped driftwood, found on Baltic sea shore and carefully processed for you; bright red wire and a metal shade, letting the light from the featured Edison bulb "breathe". 


#6  Faux wood table lamp

Faux wood table lamp

No matter where you are in life, this lamp will illuminate your space with classic style. Faux wood table lamp with a bubbled base that tapers in from ridge to a crisp woven lamp shade. Dimmable construction with a rotary light switch. 


 #7 Heng Lamp

heng lamp

HENG lamp has a switch structure of two balls inside the wooden frames with embedded magnets. By moving them, these magnets will attract one another, thereby triggering the switch. The two balls are the switches of the lamps. By lifting the lower ball up, it will draw the two balls together with each other's magnets inside. First they will flow in the air and when they reach a balance, the light will switch on. 


#8 Brass Bird Lamp 

 modern art lamp

Look up, into the soft light, follow the fluttering sound and sparks of movement. A bird is gracefully balanced on a tall metal perch, beautiful and proud, a swinging glimmer of warm light... yet you are inside, after daylight has faded, under the spell of the Perch Light Floor Lamp! Features Perch Collection Designed By Umut Yamac, 2016UL Listed Available in Brass finish with White Bird. 


#9 Flashwood pendant light

modern wood lamp

The Flashwood pendant light by Masiero has been designed by Studio Eggs. The Flashwood pendant light is a LED that stands out with the natural oak made arms. The Masiero Flashwood pendant has a dynamic crystaline from made of oak with each arm tipped in matte methacrylate. In additional to adding a frosty element to the otherwise warm piece, the 12 tips diffuse the light of the energy efficient LED within.


#10 Sand Hourglass LED Lamp

hourglass night light

The Sand Hourglass LED Lamp is a great lighting idea for your bedroom. Shaped like a hourglass, and containing actual sand, the Sand Hourglass LED Lamp will switch itself off after 15 minutes. During that time the sand will actually cover the light source of the lamp and slowly set you in the mood for sleeping as the whole room gets darker and darker. The rustling sound of the sand, as if a simple lullaby, make your body relax, eyelids heavier, hourglass lights gradually buried, dreams come quietly. 




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