Christmas Gift For Her - Unique, Handmade, Creative, Meaningful

by Vlen Feng
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Christmas Gift For Her - Unique, Handmade, Creative, Meaningful

Looking for a christmas gift for her that she'll never forget? Need something different for the lovely lady in your life?

EP DesignLab can help you out with our unique gift ideas for women! Whether it's Christmas gifts for women you're after, a romantic gift for your anniversary or her birthday, or you're getting ahead on your Valentine's Day, or Mother's Day gifts. Whatever your need you'll find something a bit different for her this year.  

1. Handmade Flower Pendant Necklace

  • Each and every Flower Globe is made lovingly by hand. 
  • No two items are the same.
  • Fabulous three-dimensional interior design and takes on various aesthetic looks in different lighting conditions.

This beautiful glass pendant was made with a torch in soda lime silica glass and an assortment of colored glass and techniques to achieve the final appearance. 

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2. Galaxy Globe Necklace

Combining an array of glass, metals and crystals in multiple layers and applying heat with a burner, the resulting galaxy is always wonderfully unpredictable.

It comes in a wonderful box with an led light which focuses directly on the pendant so when you open it you see all the colours! It's so eye catching. 

The actual paint curves inside is totally random and unique, because it is handcrafted as an original work of art, which makes it unique, meaningful, a perfect gift for ladies.

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by Vlen Feng


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