10 Under $50 And Fun Christmas Gift Ideas That Kids Will Love

by Vlen Feng
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10 Under $50 And Fun Christmas Gift Ideas That Kids Will Love

1. A mini waffle maker they can use to make baby waffles, because all food is better when it's tiny.

mini waffle maker

2. Harry Potter Uno cards that provide the perfect consolation game for anyone who straight-up sucks at Wizard's Chess. And unless your name is Ron Weasley, it's likely you fall into this category.

 uno card game

 3. A pack of rainbow pencils that create surprise rainbows every time you sharpen them.

rainbow pencil

4. Luminglass: with audio modulation. Tesla (high frequency) coil within a noble gas discharge tube just like a plasma globe- these lightning disks also have phosphor covered dielectric pellets that create most of the light when excited by current flow. The intro to Tool's Sober provides audio with sufficient dynamic range to demonstrate the modulation effect. 

pocket plasma

5. 10 Hex Puzzle: this puzzle is comprised of pieces which are the set of all ways three and four hexagons can be joined with a common edge. There are 3 trihexs and 7 possible tetrahexs, and similar to pentominoes, these 10 polyhexs can assemble into a large hexagon. Amazingly there are exactly 12,290 solutions to this puzzle- but it’s still a challenge to find just one! 

wooden puzzle

6.  Butterfly wings obsessed with Mariah Carey, and I have no idea why. They even watch her new reality show.

butterfly wing

7.A wand pen and bookmark set you'll want in you backpack as you prepare for your next O.W.L exam. What will you write with? How will you hold your place in that divination textbook? 

wand pen

8. A crystal-growing toy tree if you feel like going out on a limb and gifting them a science experiment. Grow their own Christmas tree in a night.

growing tree

9. A pair of memory foam crocodile slippers you should definitely snap up before they're gone.

Christmas slipper

10. A Cool lamp, smoked effect Pollock inspired lamp, illuminate warm white light could be a perfect night light for children's room.

Christmas lamp

There are several styles to choose from. only 24.95$ 


by Vlen Feng


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