2022 Halloween Decoration Trends | 10 Halloween Decorations Ideas

by Vlen Feng
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2022 Halloween Decoration Trends | 10 Halloween Decorations Ideas

Don't be the only lame house on the block this Halloween. When it comes to spooky season, go big or go home. Check out 2022 Halloween Decorations Trends , these crazy ideas are spooky and will give the perfect Halloween vibes. 


1.Halloween Bloodshot Eyeball Plant Markers  

Accents Spooky Humor Decoration Bloodshot Eyeball Orbs

These ghoulish Ceramic Bloodshot creepy eyeballs are so perfect for Halloween!! Once the clay is dry, the Eyeball orbs are fired in my kiln. As they're all handmade, no two are exactly alike. Imperfections are part of the charm!


2. Halloween Ghost 3D Hologram Projector

 3D Hologram Halloween decorations
When you think of Halloween, easy Halloween costumes and the best Halloween candy you can't wait to scarf down are usually the first things that come to mind. In this year, why not also get creative with 3D Hologram Halloween decorations for your home?
An added bonus— many of halloween decorations are seasonal but our 3D Hologram Projector Fan fits for any holiays by changing the video library!

3. Balloon Spider Web

Pallet Zombie Hole
Here's another great tutorial video showing you how to make a zombie pit for your front garden using an old pallet. You'll also need some red strip lights to create the "hell" effect.

Once you've prepared the pallet, add some props like skeleton or zombie hands, severed feet, chains, etc.—anything that will add to the scare factor! If you really want to go the extra mile, you could add a smoke machine and some eerie music; in fact, the music in the video tutorial would be perfect!

4. Masking Tape Hands

 masking tupe hand halloween decor

 These are so creepy it’s brilliant! Zoom on the picture to learn how to make these Masking Tape Hands.


5. Skeleton Lawn Display Ideas

Skeleton Lawn Display Ideas

Here are some really cool ways you can set up skeletons in your front garden for Halloween. You can buy skeleton props online for about $20 (a little bit more if you want to buy bigger or better quality). Then it's just a matter of choosing a creepy or funny pose for them. Check out the ideas above and below, and see how many of your neighbors you can scare!



halloween sale
EP Lights's Halloween Sale has just begun and 40% OFF select products is now up for grabs.Simply enter the code SPOOK22 at checkout to claim your discount. You’re so close to saving and giving someone the most vibrant scare of their life.



6. Concrete Lighted Step-Spook

Concrete Lighted Step-Spook


This warm weather lately has let me squeeze in one last concrete project; a Concrete Lighted Step-Spook using fabric draping. It opens a whole new dimension to this art-form. I also like to keep things manageable and somewhat portable so this little fellow can sit on your step and scare the bad ghosts away… Check out DIY tutorial on how to make Concrete Lighted Step-Spook. 


7. A Scary Anglerfish Fish Cosplay

scary fish halloween cosplay


These women did a great job of capturing the freightening nature of the fish while adding a little bit of geeked out electronics into the mix. This is impressive but we have more complex examples of DIY and super creative Halloween costumes coming up.


8. Halloween Luncheon

 Halloween Luncheon

Celebrating Halloween at the office is a party that every employee can participate in.


9.  Create Some Spook in the House



What I found, buy a couple of plastic hands from the dollar store. You cut the fingers at the joints (be sure to keep them in order) hot glue back on in form of the cupped hand. Turn one out a little to resemble a thumb. Paint. Glue to board and use the fake candles from dollar store as well. They don’t weigh as much and to remove then fire danger.


10.  Halloween Silhouette Decor

halloween Silhouette Decor

This DIY Silhouette Decor tutorial is an easy DIY that can transform the front of your house into something spooktacular for Halloween using only plywood, sharpie, a Dremel tool, paint & lights.



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by Vlen Feng



Wish I was able to zoom in & get the directions for #4,masking tape hands !
Also,#5 is a riot !


Wish I was able to zoom in & get the directions for #4,masking tape hands !
Also,#5 is a riot !

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