Cheap & Easy Halloween DIY Outdoor Decorations

by Vlen Feng
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Cheap & Easy Halloween DIY Outdoor Decorations

With All Hallows Eve approaching, my focus has finally shifted to the Halloween props. Here are 5 cheap and easy Halloween DIY project for your outdoor decorations. Simple but creative, you won't like to miss. 


1. DIY Fake Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Candles 

My first project was this super cheap, very easy, and honestly pretty rad looking fake candles. It’s made out of toilet paper or paper towel rolls, tape, hot glue gun and glue, spray paint and electronic tea lights. I was done with this project in less then an hour, if you don’t include drying time for the spray paint. That is my kind of project. 

 halloween roll candles DIY


2. Glowing Eyes Made with Toilet Paper Roll

Cut eye-shapes in toilet paper rolls, insert a glow stick or two, and let them haunt everyone who walks by your yard. 

 Use toilet paper rolls to make terrifying glowing eyes


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3. Whimsical pumpkins to monster mouth garage doors

 whimsical pumpkins to monster mouth garage doors


4. Wicked Witch Legs

Make this cute Dollar Tree Witch Legs Halloween decoration for your planters using items from the Dollar Tree. So cute and easy!

 Halloween  Legs  planters


5. Pumpkin-head scarecrow

Pumpkinrot is the creator of some incredible works of art, in particular, scarecrows. His scarecrow Roots shares other frighting and sinister siblings. If the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz was like any of these others, the sky would have been emptied as flying monkeys dropped out of the sky dead of fright. 


DIY Giant Corn Stalker Scarecrow


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by Vlen Feng


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