Creative Halloween Window Decoration Ideas

by Vlen Feng
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Creative Halloween Window Decoration Ideas

It is time to start preparing for 2018 to arrive with Halloween window decorations. The air is crisp and the nights are becoming longer, making this the perfect season for a whimsical, yet spooky holiday. As an adult, there is no better way to embrace this holiday than to decorate.

1. Black Cat Silhouette Halloween Decoration

Black cats are typically at the root of many superstitions during the Halloween season. This Halloween window decoration is not spooky or scary, it simply plays on the fright that is created by this superstition 

Halloween Window decoration

2.The Monster Mashup 

 To create this Halloween window decoration, all you need to do is find large pieces of cardboard; a box will do, and cut monster shapes into the material to be attached to the windows. If you need inspiration, Monsters Inc has some amazing monsters that you can style your creatures after.

Monster Mashup Halloween decoration

3. Zombie Escape

Zombies are terrifying for many of us, so using decorations to make it appear as though they are breaking free from the confines of your home is thrilling and a little bit scary. Here is tutorial on how to make Zombie Escape window decoration for your Halloween. 

zombie halloween decoration

4.Blood Splatter Galore

This Halloween window decoration plays on the scary image of coming home to a blood splattered window. You can add handprints to the blood splatter to make it look like the victim was attempting to escape or keep the splatter design simple.

blood on window for halloween windows  

5. Tarantula Terror Halloween Window Decoration

Spiders are a part of Halloween, but they are not the scariest creatures that you can encounter. Did you expect to see one whose body covers an entire window? This massive spider silhouette is perfect for scaring those who have a fear of spiders, but encountering a spider this large in nature would be deadly.  

spider window decoration

6.Eerie Glowing Ghost Halloween Décor

Ghosts are Halloween creatures that have been used for ages, but ghosts can also be boring. Make them interesting by creating a Halloween window decoration that will illuminate your window with an eerie blue glow.  

Ghost window decorations

7. Stop Looking at Me!

Silhouettes are great to have for Halloween window decorations, but creating a design that makes it look like the eyes of the cats, ghosts, or other creatures are following you is one of the spookiest ideas you could have in your window.  

halloween windows decoration


8.Black vinyl and clipart - DIY

create original Halloween window decor using black vinyl and clipart. To make your own vinyl window art you need a Black Vinyl (available in 24X36" sheets at Heartland for $6.99), Scissors, Tape, Scraper Tool (available at Heartland for $3.99 . Clip Art Patterns. You can download and print the images we used in 2 different sizes (The template guide shows you the entire printout as well as how they will print so that you can match the pieces together correctly.) 

Halloween window decoration

9. Bat Lamp

bat lamp for Halloween

 Halloween lighting ideas

E.P.LIGHT creative Halloween light bulb decorate your Halloween in unique and fancy way. Check out more Halloween light bulbs now >>

by Vlen Feng


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