Why EPlight Bulb is The Best Alternative to LEDs and CFLs ?

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Why EPlight Bulb is The Best Alternative to LEDs and CFLs ?

As long as I’ve been covering energy technologies, there have been ambitious entrepreneurs looking to offer better replacements for the traditional incandescent light bulb. For consumers who are still bemoaning the phaseout of incandescent light bulbs, hate the harsh CFLs and can’t figure out LEDs, another option may be on the horizon — a new kind of bulb is slated to hit the lighting market - EPlight Bulb.

EPlight bulb


Why EPlight Bulb is The Best Alternative to LEDs and CFLs ?

1. “New”  Material

Each bulb is made from the highest quality resin, 100% natural, found only in Burma. It is very transparent, recyclable and friendly to our environment. The resin is definitely not a new material, but it is the first time it has been used in the manufacture of light bulbs.

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 2.  Against Dropping

In polymer chemistry and materials science, resin is a "solid or highly viscous substance" of plant or synthetic origin that is typically convertible into polymers. Resins are usually mixtures of organic compounds. Thanks to this natural material, EPlight bulb won't be broken when it's dropped. 

against dropping bulb

3. Never too hot to touch

EPlight bulb won't get hot even after hours of producing rich, radiant light. It save money & the planet w/ 60% less energy consumed, use for up to 100,000 working hours, too.

cold bulb

 4. Stylish

Thanks to these constraints, actual color and paint curves inside is totally random and unique, which makes each piece of EPlight bulb unique and gorgeous. Depending on the different paint strokes,the EPlight bulb is divided into four collections: Mist; Water-dropAnimismSmoke.

eplight bulb


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Janice Howard-Grey
Janice Howard-Grey

Does this new eplight flicker? I have epilepsy and have always relied on incandescent light bulbs. I am not able to be under florescent or led lights for more than an hour. I experience severe headaches,nausea and dizziness from them.

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