Spooky Halloween Lighting Ideas

by Vlen Feng
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Spooky Halloween Lighting Ideas

It's nearly Halloween, and if you've finally sorted out the costumes for yourself and your family, stocked up on weird and wonderful food... All that's left is the decorations. Lighting is one of the most important parts for making your home look haunted. 

#1 Gigantic spiders with string lights 

halloween lighting

Gigantic spiders and huge webs of this outdoor Halloween decoration idea will definitely be in the center of attention of all your neighbors. 

#2 Witches hats with candles  

lighting ideas

#3 Hang a skull disco ball from your ceiling light fixture  

halloween lighting skull disco ball

#4 Spooky front door decor 

front door decor

Outdoor decorations are just as important as indoor versions at Halloween. Before you finalise the items you are going to make ensure that they are weatherproof if they are to be used outdoors. There is no point making decorations if they are going to dissolve in heavy rain. 

#5 DIY Burning Book For Indoor Decor For Halloween 

DIY fire books

#6 Floating fireball prop 

halloween lighting

An upgrade on the original GiveWave Studios design these new Floating Fireball Prop 2.0's are stronger, brighter and look even better now with lights off thanks to the new duatone process in their fabrication. 

#7 Ghost light bulb 

Halloween ghost light bulb

This spooky light bulb provide strongly festival ambiance for the celebrations. The most popular Halloween lights, take them or you will miss the fashion trend. These designed figures, lively create a magical and spooky ambiance for Halloween. Features. Tiny goofy ghost is making funny face on top of a crystal clear light bulb. These light bulb are made from resin, which made it unbreakable and safe to use. 



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