How Light Can Affect Your Mood

by Aneeza Sehrish
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How Light Can Affect Your Mood

Believe it or not, lighting affects our mood, behavior, and emotions more than we think. And it’s not just a rumor anymore; Research and public surveys suggest the same!

According to recent research conducted by a well-known institute, namely The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH); there are brain pathways that have a direct impact of light. They are affected by different colors and intensities of light and hence, are capable of controlling our internal biological clock as well as altering our reaction to different situations and scenarios.

Therefore, one cannot simply overlook this important aspect of interior décor. Because it's not just a matter of aesthetically pleasing indoors, but a matter of health and fitness as well.

Blue Light  – More  energy

Blue light rays are amongst different components of the visible light spectrum. They have the shortest wavelengths and hence, the highest energy.

Exposure to blue light makes a person more productive. That's because its extra energy brings about alertness and attentiveness in our behavior. Thus, helping us to complete complicated learning tasks more quickly and efficiently. It boosts memory and elevates mood.

Blue light has such intense positive effects that it is even used to treat severe depression and for regulating circadian rhythm.

To add in a little positivity to your work-place or household's atmosphere, you can replace ordinary bulbs with EP Design Lab's blue light LED bulbs. The blue tints and hues in these handcrafted bulbs bring a soothing yet lively feel, where ever they're installed.

Bright light

Have you ever felt a strong surge towards spicy chicken wings in a brightly lit room? Perhaps, it is because you are hungry?

While a majority would consider this as a sign of empty stomach, it is merely the effect of the bright lights around you!

 Surprisingly, bright lights tend to amplify our emotions, both positively and negatively. The theory explains why one might experience reduced hunger in comparison to a rumbling stomach in a brightly lit room.

Dim Light

Different lightening influence our moods differently as each sets a different psychological effect in our body. Contrary to the bright lights phenomena, the dimly lit room casts a relaxed and soothing effect. A person is likely to calm down and feel at ease in dim light, which is why people prefer to turn the lights down low when watching movies or dining.

Increased Productivity  

Workspaces and even home interior are deeply affected by the lightening installed. Harshly bright or undesirably dim lights can reduce productivity levels by triggering problems like a headache. Nobody likes to waste an entire feeling tired and stressed out merely because of lights, do we?  Thus, the installation of a flexible light is of utmost importance to live a healthy, comfortable yet productive life!

Final Thoughts

All in all, light plays a vital role in aiding our visual abilities as well as in amelioration of our emotional health. For our well-being, it is important to select bulbs and lighting wisely. So that they elevate our moods, increase our productivity, and help us have a better outlook on life.

by Aneeza Sehrish


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