8 Creative Modern Wall Lamp To Light Up Your Summer

by Vlen Feng
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8 Creative Modern Wall Lamp To Light Up Your Summer

When evening came, the house took light from the wall lamp. Thus, the light can not be separated from the interior of the house, and the wall lamps are one of the most important part.  Here are some ideas for modern and antique-style wall lamps for your summer home and party. 


1.  Flower Wall Lamp -  enhance the summer atmosphere

flower wall lamp


2. PCB-inspired Wall Lamp - you can DIY your own “circuit board” on the wall 

wall lamp


Alternatively, you can use some uncommon LED bulb, like EP Light bulbs:

EP Light bulb


3.  String Wall Lamp - less is more.

String wall lamp

modern wall lamp


4. Triple Frame Wall Lamp

Wall lamps are an excellent way of adding an architectural aspect to any room in your home. They not only brighten the area of the home they are placed in. They also provide an intriguing designing on the wall.

wall lamp


5. Spiral wall lamp

spiral wall lamp


6. Creative painting all lamp

wall lamp


7. 3D Lamp light Marvel Iron Man Hand & Head Creative Sticker Super Hero Wall Lamp

iron man wall lamp


8. Guitar LED Wall Lamp

guitar wall lamp


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by Vlen Feng


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Tonia maglio

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