Unique Gifts for Your Mom

by Selina Luo
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Unique Gifts for Your Mom




Camera bundle


A camera bundle for the mom who loves photography. The iPhone7 picture quality is great and all, but...

This is obviously a ~pricer~ gift, but if you can get a bunch of family members to chip in, you're golden pony boy!



Summer Water subscription


A Summer Water subscription to ensure she always has a bottle of booze ready for entertaining. It's truly the gift that keeps on giving...in the form of rosé.



Plant terrariums


A duo of wall-hanging plant terrariums, because this is a much better aesthetic than all your childhood art she still insists on keeping.



Moon Light Lamp


A 3D-printed moon light lamp that'll ~glow up~ her bedroom without dimming your bank account.



Smart Moxibustion Thermotheraphy Device


What about send your mother healthy. Based on descriptions in the ancient Chinese literature, the therapeutic effects of moxibustion are associated with treating chronic symptoms related to “deficiencies” and to the prevention of human disorders. Previous studies have demonstrated that moxibustion is effective when used to treat cervical vertigo, dysmenorrheal, chemotherapy-induced leucopenia, and various emergency conditions. 



Unique Bulb

New lighting idea makes the room full of fun. Each bulb is handmade and unique. Your mother will be amazed at this gift. Click Here to find out more fancy bulbs.
ep light bulbs


Her favourite perfumemother day gift

This is more about showing you pay attention than anything, because by choosing the RIGHT perfume - aka the one your mum's been wearing every day for the past eight years - you not only give her something she wants and will use, but prove you take notice of your mother. Show your love in Mother's day though this gift.



An adorable tea infusergift

You can't help but feel relaxed looking at this reclined bunny. Pair the silicone infuser with her favorite tea for a sweet gift. Enjoy a wonderful Mother's Day afternoon tea.



A photo bookgift

These beautifully designed photo books look just like magazines. They contain serveral pages to make your own and fill with your best memories of Mom. Mother's Day gift lets you recall those wonderful times together.




A set of essential oilmother day gift

The set includes lemongrass, peppermint, orange, lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree, each of which has its unique functions. Add these versatile oils into a diffuser (which you can gift in addition to make a set), or suggest some projects she could do with them, like homemade linen sprays. 




A photo calendarmother day gift

This classy, solid brass piece makes a beautiful desktop display, and the pictures add warmth and familiarity. But choosing only 12 of your favorite photos could prove to be difficult. Whenever your mother opens this calendar, she will remember that this Mother's Day gift sent by you.

by Selina Luo


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