Vintage Retro Light Designs by EP Design Lab

by Aneeza Sehrish
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Vintage Retro Light Designs by EP Design Lab

Vintage bulbs have their own unique shape than other bulbs from the collection. Their shape is somewhere in between the shape of an Edison bulb and a Tubular bulb.

Get your room a vintage look with the vintage furnishing, colors, and decor. For the decor, check out EP Design Lab's 'Vintage Bulbs'. Here you will find the colors and vintage light designs that you would love definitely.

 There is a range of bulbs with different color combinations, including dark, bright and bold colors. Hence, it would fit different people's variations in taste.

These customized, handcrafted vintage bulbs are energy-efficient and durable with longer working life. These are easy on the pocket as well. Have a look!



Alice- containing a charming transition of colors from top to bottom. Upon sighting, It would give a peaceful feeling because of its colors. A bulb giving out light and being pleasant to the sight, at the same time... what's better than that?


Early winter

This vintage bulb contains the coolness of the blue color. As the name says, it gives the feels of the winter. It would complement the pink, orange and green color in the room or another area. Give a modish look to space wherever you add it. Hang it preferably in your balcony or corridor.


White Hydrangea

Want a vintage light bulb yet you love the floral designs? We have a solution for both of your choices - The white hydrangea bulb. This bulb is an example of elegance and tranquility.  Make it a part of your wedding decor or any function at your home to spread the calm vibes throughout.



The Nebula lamp contains beautiful galaxy-like colors. A wise choice to add to any room in your house. It may be your kid's room or your own. You may have darker shades around to give an overall look to the room. And enjoy the galaxy feels!


Solar Corona

This sun-colored bulb is as chic as its name. The highly pigmented threads of yellow and orange colors are eye-catching. Hang these LED bulbs in your patio to switch on at night, having a day time look.


Blue drop Lamp

If you want to choose less-colored yet an elegant bulb, then you can go for this lamp. It contains mainly of the white color with a thick strand of the blue color in middle. It would be best to add this white bulb in a room where you have a bunch of different colors.


Don't wait. Go and check out our amazing Vintage bulbs' collection. Add these to your decor and fall in love with the vintage look of your room.

by Aneeza Sehrish


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