Top Ideas to Chose Best Paints for Living Room

by Aneeza Sehrish
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Top Ideas to Chose Best Paints for Living Room

Living Room Paint ideas

The color of your rooms may be a reflection of your personality and influence your mood, emotions and thoughts. Choose those colors that go well with your taste and lifestyle and create an atmosphere of peace and harmony in your home.

Light color paints

Light colors will make your living room appear bigger and brighter. They reflect more light too, making space feel open and larger.

Every color possesses some psychological value. It may affect our mood in one way or another. Here are some of the lighter colors with their effects on our mood and emotions,

 - The softer shades Blue have a calming effect. It is thought to lower our blood pressure and slow respiration and heart rate.

 - Green- the color of peace and harmony. And considered to relieve stress and help people relax

 - Lighter shades of Purple (such as lavender and lilac), has restful and calming effects.

 - Yellow,  considered a happy color but it may evoke feelings of frustration and rage.

 - Gray, considered an unemotional color. It does not possess any calming, exciting or depressing effects.

Dark color paints

Darker color schemes may give your room a deep and calming atmosphere. However. dark-colored paints are less preferred as they tend to absorb light, making a room appear smaller. But if you were planning to try a dark shade for your living room then worry not, here are some ideas for you.

 -  Your living room with Black walls may look bold and dramatic. And the furniture may be highlighted against the dark backdrop. Moreover, the black walls will neutralize the glare of sunlight entering your room.

 - Though dark colors look chic and sophisticated, you may also add pastels or blushes alongside to lighten up the atmosphere.

 - To make dark colors not feel heavy or depressing you should keep a way for natural light to enter the room.

- Creating contrast or using opposite colors like black and white would give a pleasant vibe.

- Don't be afraid to be adventurous, try dark blues, deep purples and plums and bold reds too.

Some Tips to keep in mind

  • When there's a lot of natural light entering, add bright hues like sapphire blue or emerald green or dark earthy shades.
  • For a room that does not receive much natural light, you can use Ivory and buttercup yellow to make it brighter.
  • Avoid using bright shades as secondary colors, like red or orange, since these colors carry too much energy.
  • When in confusion, go with whites for elegance, such as off-white, cream, eggshell, grey-white, or antique white.
by Aneeza Sehrish


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