Top Ideas for Balcony Decoration Lights

by Aneeza Sehrish
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Top Ideas for Balcony Decoration Lights

When we plan about the lighting style of our home, we give individual attention to each room's lighting. While the living room and the drawing-room may preferably be given more importance.

However, your balcony would be discussed the least, or it would be the last one to receive your attention in this matter.

When at any time of the day you want to relax, you would want to go to the balcony. You may choose to sip your cup of coffee there, observe the sunset or just sit there to listen to the calm winds.

You may or may not spend much time there but whatever time you spend there, it should be peaceful and serene. So, apart from the calmness outside, the environment of the balcony should be calm too.

And agree or not, lighting plays a great role in creating a particular ambiance of the area. Then, why the balcony's lighting is thought to be less important?

Let's make an effort to create a perfect feel in the balcony so that you would want to sit there longer. From the EP Design Lab's collection, select the right lights for your balcony. These amazing LED bulbs would be an elegant decor element as well.

Memory lamp

You may want to have a light-colored bulb(s) for your balcony. So, this memory bulb would suit your choice. Additionally, the blue color generates all the positive vibes. Hence, This bulb with the blue tint, partially green and white tints too, will provide you with a peaceful environment in the balcony.




This bulb is suggested because of its unique tubular shape. It would play a great part in giving your balcony elegant decor. Not only the shape but the hues it contains are all sight-pleasing. Create a nice ambiance in a small space by adding the flame lamp.



Other than the light color bulbs, some of you may want the ones with brighter shades. Firework bulb contains all those appealing, bright colors. There is a charming infusion of threads of bright blue, green, yellow, and orange colors. It evokes energy and feelings of joy and positivity. It seems like a fine choice to add this bulb in your balcony.

Galaxy Globe Necklace

You must be amazed to see the pendant on this list. Worry not! We haven't mistaken. The globe necklace can actually be used for decor in the balcony. You can simply hang these on the side-walls of the balcony. However, you can hang them with the rope or string lights too, for some added drama.  Apart from being a chic decor element, these will create a feel of a galaxy in that space. 

Ghost Bulb

So, you love some adventurous decor... Then, why not add some fun to the lighting in your balcony? This ghost bulb will serve you the purpose. With its cute crafted ghost, it will amplify the fun within the boring lighting. And rather than being spooky, it will spread a funky touch around.

by Aneeza Sehrish


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