Top 5 Ideas to Lighten Up Your Room With Minimalist Table Lamps

by Aneeza Sehrish
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Top 5 Ideas to Lighten Up Your Room With Minimalist Table Lamps

An essential component of interior decor, Table lamps glamorize the look of your bedroom. The mere presence of a table on a side-table or a study desk can elevate the class and splendor of a room unbelievably. Apart from serving as an accessory and ornament to your bedroom, the table lamps come with countless benefits. With the help of a table lamp, you can work or write comfortably in a cozy nook. Or perhaps, enjoy a cup of tea on a rainy evening, in the comfort of your plush sofa, reading a book under lamplight.

EP Design Lab has given a new dimension to this delicacy by sprinkling its artistic innovation in the basic concept of a table lamp. The lamps introduced by EP Design Lab do not only have unique pattern and designs but also have a sturdy yet delicate construction. The best part is, EP Design Lab has individually handcrafted each of the lamps.

Here's a glimpse of the wide captivating and enthralling range of phenomenal table lamps offered by EP Design Lab, which are designed particularly to complement bedrooms.

Aurora Lamp

Bedrooms are a place for rest and comfort, which is why we tend to fill them up with things that radiate a soothing effect. This cube Aurora Lamp is an ideal room decor item for this purpose! The iconic contrast of green light with a tint of black base elevates the comfort level of the bedroom by its visually appealing appearance. Also, it augments the beauty of the room by adding in class and glamour. 

Youth Lamp

A lamp that perfectly suits a voguish-room and depicts a taste for creativity as well as innovation. Add in a little change to your room interior with this modish-youth lamp! The artistic bulb, combined with the wooden base, is surely going to enhance your room ambiance while reflecting your personality. Also, the integrated design provides strong durability so that the bulb does not shatter into a million pieces!

Iron Man Industrial Style Table Lamp

Are you passionate about the industrial revolution or enjoy furnishing your room with tech-related items?  If so, then this eco-friendly Iron Man Industrial Style Table Lamp is the perfect way to depict your interests while conserving energy! The brightly-colored bulb, along with the vintage base, establishes a link between creativity and invention. Place the lamp indoor or outdoor. The lamp is going to illuminate the surroundings fully with its long-lasting LED.

Vintage Retro Style

Upgrade your room interior with this aesthetically-fierce and retro lamp. Being lightweight and portable, you can place or store the compact vintage base and round-edged bulb anywhere easily. Apart from enhancing your home interior, this vintage retro style lamp is a decent gift for an elderly or adult.

Water Piping Desktop Table Lamp


Last but not least, Water Piping Desktop Table Lamp has a beautiful composition. Along with adding a vintage feel to your room, the lamp also saves electricity costs to a great extent. The Water Piping Desk Table lamp weighs only 1.8 kilograms, and thus it can be easily moved. The wood base is water-resistant, finely polished and varnished, while the metal part has a thick built for easy handling.

by Aneeza Sehrish


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