Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts

by Selina Luo
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Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts

Our Moms do so much for us. Mother's Day is fast approaching and it's never too early to start thinking about what to get Mom. We want you to be able to shower your mom with love and adoration this Mother's day so we came up with an easy gift guide to help you out.




Salt Lamp

mother's day gift

Salt Lamps are reddish orange in color and absolutely stunning in appearance. They're mounted on a wooden base and the centers are drilled out so they can house the bulb mechanism for the lamp.

When evening rolls around you turn on the lamp with the push of a button and you're entranced by the glow that's emitted from the salt lamp. It creates such a wonderful ambiance for our living room but would look just as great in our bedroom. Your mom would love to get one for that room as mother's day gift.




Turn your Mom's favorite pet into a Petsies

mother's day gift

Does your Mom also have a furbaby at home? Then she will absolutely love a Petsies custom stuffed animal of her pet! Petsies are the most unique personalized gift you can get a pet owner! There's nothing better than a lookalike of her favorite four-legged friend! Petsies are handmade and airbrushed so they have all of your pet's unique markings. They are wonderful keepsakes of past or present pets. Get your camera ready because you're going to want to get her reaction seeing her pet's twin for the very first time!




Mind Bulb

New lighting idea makes the room full of fun. Each bulb is handmade and unique. Your mother will be amazed at this gift. Click Here to find out more fancy bulbs.
ep light bulbs

Decorative Wall Art

mother's day gift

Make for wall art your mom's special day with a favorite family photo. Include an inspirational quote from one of her favorite movies, books or songs. She'll love hanging this in her living room, her bedroom or some other special place in the house.




Garden Stone

mother's day gift

Add a lovely touch to Mom's vegetable or flower garden with a personalized garden stone. Include an inspirational message or quote so she thinks of you every time she sees it. I think this Mother's Day gift is very special,think about it.Choose from a heart- or oval-shaped garden stone to match Mom's personal style.



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Art From The Heart

mother's day gift

Customize a wood frame and add a photo of you and Mom—or one of the whole family. With a quote, inspirational message or favorite song lyric, Mom will love displaying the frame in her office or at home.



Bring Fun To Dinner

mother's day gift

Select Mom’s favorite photos and design a table runner for holidays, dinner parties or everyday use. Give her a big surprise in Mom will appreciate how her newest decoration keeps her dining room full of life and love.



Naturally Sweet

mother's day gift

Be a sweetheart by giving Mom natural honey. Your mother will savor the fresh taste and enjoy the health benefits. Add a shaped design or lettering to the jars for a decorative touch.



Catch All Tray

mother's day gift

A catch all tray is a perfectly personalized destination for her jewelry and keepsakes. With an inspiring quote and beautiful background, she’ll be proud to have this on display. Choose a photo that will brighten Mother's day, like one from a recent birthday or family outing.




Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

mother's day gift

Help your mother relieve their tired and achy feet with this foot massager. It delivers a circular kneading massage that travels up and down the length of your feet with optional heat to melt away tension.




Wide Angle Binoculars

mother's day gift

Binoculars are a perfect choice for mothers who love bird and animal watching, going to the opera or sporting events, and so much more.

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