String Lights For Your Living Room

by Aneeza Sehrish
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String Lights For Your Living Room

The lighting has a significant effect on the ambience of your home. It can make your home a lively, cosy space (when rightly installed) or vice versa (when not given attention).

Lights may be used for an illuminative purpose or as a decor element. String lights definitely fit into the latter category. And they do that perfectly- making a dull and dimmed area, a cosy and charming spot.

We usually want our living room to have a bright and joyful atmosphere, either by the natural light that comes in or by the bright lights that keep it well-lit, after the sun. And these string lights are a trendy addition to that well-lit space.

Do you know why string lights are the best option?

There are no rules for getting them hanged. Yay! Just play with their decor as you want, simply according to your preference.

Some Ideas

  • You can add them as a decorative element to your ceiling. And give your room a starry night look.
  • Or you can also highlight a ceiling's slope or any architectural detail.
  • When there's no chandelier, add long strands of string lights as its beautiful alternative.
  • Or you can wrap your existing chandelier with these trendy lights.
  • You can brighten up a window or decor piece with string lights and make the airy space appear even brighter.
  • You might also want to drape string lights over a fireplace mantel, sculpture or a bookshelf.
  • Adding some string lights to a simple mirror is a way to add some personality and glam to it.
  • A dark, dimmed corner may be lit by hanging strands of string lights and get an eye-catching glow.
  • These can also be installed as long, floor-to-ceiling decor, adding some class to the room
  • You can accent your TV unit or curtain with string lights too.

Some Other DIYs

  • With these DIYs, turn on your imagination and have fun!
  • Wrap string lights around a basket or fill the basket with 'em.
  • Use them to hang memorable photographs with clothespins.
  • Wrap a shiny paper to create giant candy lights.
  • Fill in these lights in tiny mason jars
  • Electrify any stuffed animal with LED lights and use it for decor.
  • Tie matching ribbons between lights.
  • Make the gallery wall sparky ever with string lights.
  • Spell out a message by shaping your favorite words using these lights or even make cool signs.

LED string lights

They can come with either an electrical plug or a battery. Comparatively, the battery-powered LED string lights are much safer than the electrical version.

One of the major benefits is that they give off super bright light but virtually no heat like incandescent bulbs do.

Moreover, they are available in different color tones so you can select that best suit your taste. Though choosing a colour temperature is a matter of personal preference, it can affect the appearance of colors in that room.

Warm LED lights are a good fit for spaces with warmer, earthier colors. And also, which are meant for relaxation. While cool LED lights go well with greens and blues. And areas that are intended to be bright and lively.

by Aneeza Sehrish


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