Light Decorating Ideas For Your Children's Room

by Aneeza Sehrish
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Light Decorating Ideas For Your Children's Room

We know that children are full of imagination. They like everything of theirs to be related to their favorite fictional character or any character that fits their imagination. This 'everything' may include things from their stationery to their room.

Children are very enthusiastic about even their little possessions. And when it comes to their room's setting, they are so much concerned about it. They sometimes (or most of the time) become stubborn about a particular theme and decor. Hence, they would demand everything in the room to be related to the theme.

Now you, as a parent or elder sibling, also become choosy to select everything for their room with them. So, EP Design Lab is at your service, caring for your concerns. We assure you that you or your children won't be disappointed after choosing LED bulbs and lamps from our collection. Safe to say that the designing of these LED bulbs are suitable for children's room. Firstly, they are resistant against breaking when dropped on the floor. Secondly, they are designed in a way to prevent the bulb's surface to get over-heated. Therefore in addition to fit the choices of children, these are safe for them by all means.


Batman bulb

Children with the love of Batman would love this bulb - A cute batman logo with a yellowish background. Even those who do not have any affection towards the character may also like to have this bulb because of the cute logo. So, create the batman theme with your kids and add these batman bulbs to their room.



Ocean bulb

This unique rectangular-shaped bulb would be a beautiful addition to the children's room. Gift it to your child so that he/she would be happy to place it in the room. It may be a perfect decor element to the blue-colored boy's room. Having said that, girls may also love to add it because of it's charming blue color and unique shape.


Flame bulb

The theme of the children's room is mostly about bold colors. The colors of this, flame bulb will make a good contrast with purples and greens in the room. And it can go well with any of those fictional characters' theme too. They can place it on the study table to complete their homework in its light. So that, the homework can be a bit not-so-boring by this lamp being near.


Galaxy bulb

Make your child's room magical by giving it a galaxy theme. Let him turn his imagination on. You can house it in the holder on the wall behind the bed. Then, turn off the rest of the lights. And let it glow in the dark so that it will feel like the presence of a piece of the galaxy in the room. You can place in your child's favorite nook too so that, he can happily read his books.


Hydrangea bulb

It would be a pure delight for your girl(s) if she gets to add this Led bulb in her room. Needless to say, girls are naturally attracted to flowers and anything linked to the flowers. So, your girl might desire for a lovely floral theme in her room. And this Hydrangea bulb would be a Cherry-on-top. Let her select her favorite floral theme and colors along with the Hydrangea bulb of her choice.

by Aneeza Sehrish


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