Lamp Buyer's Guide - Pick a Right Lamp

by Selina Luo
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Lamp Buyer's Guide - Pick a Right Lamp

Decorating your house or apartment is exciting, but it can also be a challenge. There are many decisions to make: design styles, colors and price points, from furniture, carpets and accents to lighting. Choosing a light is an important step in creating a beautiful and livable home. But which kind of lamp should you buy? There are many options.


One way to simplify the number of choices is to determine the function and form of the bulb. What kind of lighting do you need? Will it be placed on the floor or on the table, or on the wall? Once you have the answers to these questions, it will be easier to choose the right lights.

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Five basic types of lighting

Natural light - this is the light naturally produced in space during the day. It can produce positive psychological and emotional effects by improving attitudes and reducing stress.


Ambient Lighting - This form of lighting is often referred to as "general lighting" and is intended to provide a uniform overall illumination of the room. In general, when we enter a space, turn on a light switch, we will think of this problem. Ambient lights are usually chandeliers or wall lights, but they can also be hand or wall lights.


Task Lighting - This type of lighting can be thought of as lighting that is specific to performing a particular activity. For example, reading in the living room, doing paperwork in the home office, or preparing food on the kitchen counter is an activity that gains extra brightness through task lighting.


Key lighting (that is, focus lighting) - This light creates an atmosphere or is used to draw your attention to a particular object or aspect of your home's building or landscape. Maybe you have a special sculpture or artwork that you want to stand out.


Decorative lighting - this lighting is purely for aesthetic purposes. Think of it as a jewel in architecture - decorative lighting attracts attention, reflecting personal style or wealth.




Limelights LT2024 - Ultra-low Cost Table Lamp


The LT2024-WHT wire-drawing steel spotlight is a simple lamp, simple in design, giving you an effective light source, without wasting energy and space on unnecessary rings and whistles. Those who are addicted to aesthetics may find it somewhat dull (although it can add some style and beauty to the room when it is in the right place), but the actual person can hardly ask for better things.

Medium-sized (8.5 inches x 19.5 inches, including lampshades), it has a simple but polished steel base and a white fabric lampshade (despite the choice of other colors), which can complete the work and reduce the direct intensity of the bulb so that you get the required light.

The 60-watt bulb is bright and intense, and the bulb itself is compact and invisible. You use a simple pull switch to turn it on and off.

This lamp is very suitable for desks, bedside cabinets in bedrooms, university dormitories or other places where simple light sources are needed.




Lumiy Ligwm-htblade – Best for Office


On the office desk, you need a lamp that is compact, durable, one that gives off sharp, crisp light to enhance the accuracy and quality of your work. Per our (and many other users’) experience, the Lumiy Ligwm-htblade is among the best lamps for that purpose.

Designed to fit in a small cubicle with various office items, the Lumiy desk lamp is minimalist in appearance. Not a single detail on the item is gimmicky. And yet it looks so sleek and beautiful in its shiny black shell.


Despite its compactibility, the lamp is capable of brightening up your whole desk. It produces light of 1100 lux – not the brightest on the market but sufficient and very impressive for its size. According to Lumiy, the light has a CRI of higher than 90, making it a world-class lamp in terms of light quality. Note that sunlight CRI is 100, and only very good LED lamps have CRI of higher than 80.




Ikea Jansjo Desk Lamp Light


Ikea 201.696.58 Jansjo Desk Lamp Light is an adjustable and user amicable office product that is made of plastic material. It has LED’s that is considered energy-efficient and on/off toggle. It provides an accurate amount of light and direction can be adjusted depending on the work. A proper light is necessary for a good work and this Ikea 201.696.58 Jansjo Desk Lamp Light is known for its performance.



EPlight Pollock Inspired Table Lamp

eplight wood table lamp

E.P.Light's collection of mesmerizing, LED light fixtures feature strong creative influences from legendary artist Jackson Pollock— resulting in a gorgeous and unique piece of ambient lighting that will transform your space with abstract expressionist style.

eplight lamp

This unique lamp will surely show off the inviting glow of the popular Edison-style bulb while adding a minimalist industrial charm to your home, office or retail space.

by Selina Luo


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