Indoor and Outdoor Chandeliers on a Budget

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Indoor and Outdoor Chandeliers on a Budget

Chandeliers are aesthetic and functional ways to light a space and make an artistic statement. There are as many types of chandelier as there are ways to imagine and innovate them.

From the traditional hanging crystal chandelier to more modern chandeliers, like orb chandeliers, you can get the right lighting for your indoor or outdoor space.


Did You Know? - Outdoor Chandeliers

Outdoor chandeliers redefine what you think of as a chandelier. There is likely a very specific style that pops into your head, but there are so many more styles that look great and won’t hurt your wallet.

LED bulbs are great for chandeliers, and our unique styles add another layer of flair. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor lighting, there is a style that will complement your design scheme.


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6 Affordable Chandeliers for Inside or Outside the Home

Orb Chandeliers

Orb chandeliers typically have fewer lights and take up less space. This is part of what makes them more affordable. They can also be made from a variety of materials, including bronze, iron, nickel, copper, and even wood.

These affordable materials look great in any home and look even better in homes with a rustic style. These fixtures can have as few as one bulb surrounded by a globe or orb of metal bars.

This style also helps to protect the bulbs from damage. If you’re worried about children or clumsy adults knocking out light bulbs, there will be a metal cage protecting them.

This also makes them a great option for outdoor lighting. If you’re considering adding a chandelier to your deck or porch, this style will offer you the most protection from the elements.

A professional electrician can help you properly wire your chandelier and offer advice and assistance when installing exterior LED lighting.


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Industrial Chandeliers

This style is a great fit for someone looking for a modern option. Industrial chandeliers have lights going every which way in a very futuristic, chaotic style.

These chandeliers usually have a lot of bulbs included, making them great for providing a lot of light to a larger area. The sheer number of bulbs and a variety of angles makes sure everything in the area is covered.


Industrial Round Chandeliers

If you like the industrial style but would like to add some order to the chaos, then an industrial round chandelier is a good option for you.

You’ll get the same, modern style on a round track that keeps all the lights in a symmetrical line. You can even find models with glass sconces to add a bit of rustic flair to your modern fixture.

You won’t get the same amount of light from these fixtures, but they will do a better job of lighting a small area, like a dining room table or kitchen island.

Outside, they add low light to covered porches and decks. If you want to take your modern style outside, this is your best option.


vintage art lamps

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Hanging Lanterns

Like orb chandeliers, these are great options for outdoor lighting. A glass case and metal bars will keep your bulbs safe from the elements and from stray baseballs. If you put our bulbs in an outdoor fixture, this will provide them with the most safety, ensuring that they last as long as possible.

While these are in no way traditional chandeliers, they can add another element of bringing the outdoors inside your home if that’s the style you’re going for. They also make great additions to garages and entryways.


Shaded Chandeliers

Shaded chandeliers can add dimmer, mood lighting to a room both indoors and outdoors. Just make sure to get shaded lights that face down if you use them outdoors.

If they face up, they will collect water and debris that could ruin the bulb. If they face down, they will actually protect the bulb.

If you prefer the lights to face upwards, they make a great addition to dining rooms and kitchens. A light-colored ceiling will help to reflect the light downwards.

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Drum Chandeliers

Drum chandeliers are shaded, but instead of shading each bulb individually, the entire fixture is shaded by a single shade that wraps around the entire fixture. The round design looks a bit like a drum.

The shades come in a variety of styles, including fabric, cork, wood, and metal mesh. The light is more muted than a chandelier without shades and less muted than having each bulb individually shaded.


Make the Most of Our Bulbs

Orb chandeliers and hanging lanterns offer single-bulb options that can take advantage of our unique LED bulbs. If you want to hang our bulbs from the ceiling, they will provide you with an affordable fixture that will allow the light to stand out.

Our Tango bulb is great for modern fixtures, and the Flame bulb works great for rustic and traditional fixtures.

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