Ideas to Decorate Girls' Room With Lamps

by Aneeza Sehrish
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Ideas to Decorate Girls' Room With Lamps

Everyone likes to have the decor in their home, be it simple or fancy. It adds beauty to the ambiance of the home.

And when it's about the decor of a girl's room, they are way too conscious about it. From the color scheme to the patterns and layouts, they want everything to be creative and imaginative. And they make sure that every detail goes well with the entire theme.

So, when every single thing is given such attention then why the lighting's least concerned?

That is why make the lighting of your room fascinating, and add a 'wow' element to its decor.

The collection of EP Design Lab has a bunch of items for your room's lighting. You can house them in different lamp holders or strands. Have a look at the ideas and decide which one to buy, yourself! 

Pink Hydrangea

Pink- the color loved by majorly all the girls. This bulb consists of a pinkish Hydrangea flower, giving out all the girly vibes. It would complement the gray, plum and olive green hues in the room. For those girls wanting to have all the girly decor in their room, it would be a perfect addition to that.



White Hydrangea

Another Hydrangea bulb from the collection is this, with the delicate white hydrangea and leaves. White represents goodness and purity. So the sight of this would be pleasing. Especially, for the girls who are really obsessed with the flowers and floral patterns. So, adding this bulb to the lighting in their room would add to their delight too.



Girls are so much into being creative and crafty. They even like to showcase their creativity by the decor of their room. This Aurora lamp, with the innovation in shape, would best fit their full-of-imagination mind. The black opaque base lets the bulb stand anywhere in the room. And adds beauty with its charming blue color. Hence, it would keep the positive feelings going all day long, even when it is switched off.



Some girls, exceptionally, are more into bold colors rather than blushes and plums. The colors of this bulb are according to their taste. A beautiful infusion of Yellow and Orange is captured inside. This would look like the sun glowing at a corner in the room, even at night.  Give your room's lighting a charismatic look with these amber and tangerine shades.


Prairie means 'a tract of grassland'. As the name implies, the colors inside the bulb resemble to that of nature. These earthy colors are soothing to the sight. And sometimes, you don't want to go out yet want to feel nature's charm. This would let you feel the same, within your very own room. So girls, add this to your room's lighting and give its aura, a calm and peaceful touch.

by Aneeza Sehrish


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