How-tos: 8 Awesome DIY Ideas For Recycling Light Bulbs

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How-tos: 8 Awesome DIY Ideas For Recycling Light Bulbs

These days is all about recycling and repurposing old stuff that we don’t use anymore. There are plenty of creative and fun ways to recycle this object into many useful things. We don’t have to throw away light bulbs that are not broken, but we can give them another use. You can repurpose the bulb itself into a slew of creative home accents. Scroll down to see five favorite light bulb DIY projects.

1. Transform Edison bulbs into flowerpots

bulb recycle ideas flowerpot


DIY bulb to flowerpot

2. Put a wick in the bulb and you get a oil lamp

bulb candle


bulb lamp

3. Wearable bulb

jewelry bulb


diy bulb to earring

4. Edison Bulb Fish Tank

bulb shape fish tank

5. Balloons flying


6. Bulb shape candy jar

bulb shape candy jar DIY

7. DIY Christmas decoration

DIY Christmas Bulb decor

8. Bulb terrarium

bulb terrarium

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