How to Fix Corner Lamp

by Mia Hu
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How to Fix Corner Lamp

The corner lamp is quite popular recently. Some people are keen to install a corner lamp at home. However, after buying the corner lamp, there may be people who are confused about how to install it or where it is more appropriate. The general steps for fixing the corner lamp are described below.


  • Understand basic product information and house structure

Knowing the product information can give you a general idea of ​​whether your home is suitable for installing this type of light. Knowing the structure of the house at home can let you know where a corner lamp is more suitable to install in the house.


  • Consider wire length

If the lights which can be installed in the corner have cords, you need to consider the length of the wire. If the charging cable is long, it can be installed further away from the socket; if it is short, the installation location is more restricted. Unless you are ready to set up a charging port for it at any time. It is even better if the light is wireless, so you can install it anywhere.


  •  Know the installation angle 

There are many kinds of corner lights. When installing chandelier-style corner lights, you need to pay special attention to the installation angle. Although it is not difficult to install, at least it is necessary to ensure that the width of the wall is greater than the width of the lamp body. Otherwise, it may fail to install. On the contrary, the corner lamp of the floor lamp type has almost no restriction on the installation angle. You can place the floor lamp in any corner at will, as long as there is power supply available.


  • Read the product manual or watch the installation video

When buying a new product, you may not know much about it. The product manual allows you to gradually understand its related information. At the same time, most lamp manuals will introduce the installation method of the lamp. If you are still not sure about the installation method after reading the product manual, you should seek help at this time. To a certain extent, watching the installation video can get a clearer view of the fixing method of the lamp.



Our corner floor lights are easy to assemble. After receiving the package, you will find a manual, an adapter, a remote control, a lamp and two short metal bars inside. What you need to do is to assemble the two short metal strips into the lamp body.

by Mia Hu


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