How To choose Lamps for your bedroom?

by Aneeza Sehrish
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How To choose Lamps for your bedroom?

The designing and planning of the decor of your existing or new room might be quite a fun task.

You would want everything perfect-from the wall paint to the furniture and the other details too.

And when you want everything just the right way in your bedroom, then why not the lights?

Stop right there! sit and think. Maybe you are overlooking the fact that there should be the 'right' amount of light in your bedroom. If that is so, then let us help you choose the right lamps for your bedroom.

Some Tips For You

Before buying the lamps that match and fit perfectly in your bedroom, we offer you to consider the following tips which might be helpful to you.

Size of your bedroom

Firstly, the important thing is the size of your bedroom. The idea about the size of the room helps you to select the lamps that would illuminate every corner (or the spots you want) in the desired fashion.

Need or Decor?

Then, think about whether you need 'em as a main source of light or as a decor. As a main source of light, large floor lamps may be needed. While for decorative function, you may prefer stylish ones that go well with the theme of your bedroom.

Go easy with the number!

When selecting floor lamps, keep in mind that you don't have to over illuminate the room. One to two medium-sized lamps will serve the purpose.

Light- relaxing or glowy

For bedside lamps, you would want the ones with a bit dim and relaxing light. However, they should illuminate enough that you can read your morning newspaper or the bed-time book.

The right lampshade

Everyone wants beautiful colored-lampshades that complements the theme n decor of the room. But, adding to your knowledge that, white and off-white lampshades let the most of the light to pass through. Additionally, there are various shapes of the lampshades available. Hence, it's completely your choice which one you want! 

Size of the table

Another important thing about the bed-side lamp is, that its size should be proportional to the size of the table. You wouldn't want to have a big lamp on a tiny table or vice versa.

The Switch-close or far

One thing that you might miss out is the placement of the lamp switch. The most convenient lamp is that which has a switch right on the cord or very near, within the access of your arm. So you don't have to get out of the bed -somewhere between feeling all cozy- just to turn the on or off the switch.


We hope that this time you will be mindful of choosing your bedroom's lamps and lights. As it is now obvious that along with those trendy and stylish looks, you also need to focus on the illumination they offer (Chic look with right illumination, a win-win situation). The rest is up to you. Good luck with the selection!

by Aneeza Sehrish


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