EP Design Lab Best Sellers Of 2019

by Aneeza Sehrish
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EP Design Lab Best Sellers Of 2019

Best Sellers Of 2019

EP Design lab has come up with the most appealing and enchanting collection of bulbs and lamps.

While working on these lights, it has been kept in mind everything- from your needs of good lighting to the desire for decor. And even the needs of the environment too.

Scroll down in the collection's sections and pick out your favorite one.

Although each LED bulb from the EP design lab' collection is a hit but let us discuss some of the best sellers.

Blue Hydrangea

Its appearance is evident for what makes it among the best sellers. Its light blue tint gives the cool and calming effects to the sight. Not to mention the pretty Hydrangea flowers are lying in between with their bluish-white petals. It would be best suited with the big green leaves (both real or fake) on either side, as shown in the picture. These would serve as a beautiful lampshade. And the light would reflect their green color along with the bluish-white of the petals... Isn't it just Wow?

Youth Lamp

Another one from the list is this beauty, the eccentric Youth lamp. What makes it more unique is its tubular shape. The beautiful splash of distinct colors can clearly be seen through the glass. It would especially be liked by the ones who are fond of playing with colors in their decor. It can be placed in any holder on your room's wall or simply in a wooden stand, by EP Design Lab, in the living room.

Galaxy Globe necklace

Wearing a dress and got no matching jewelry? Here's the ultimate solution... The Galaxy Globe necklace is all you need. This alluring sample of craftmanship is made up of best quality glass material yet customized against dropping and scratch-resistant too. You can pair it up with any dress and accessories. Then sway in front of your friends. A customized necklace like no other, would sparkle the most in the dark and look like a piece of the galaxy you're wearing. Be ready to slay!

Iron Man

A kind of decor element for boys' rooms, who are into tech and would love to make it a part of their room's decor. And wait... even for girls who like to do the same. It is made up of iron water pipes and is as strong as it seems. This lamp allows any of the Tubular or Edison bulbs to be housed in it. Place this one-of-its-kind lamp in your living room, study room or your bedroom. And give a kind of vintage look to the decor.

Vintage Retro Light Base

Another stunner from the best sellers is this Vintage retro light base. As the name indicates, the lamp's base is reminiscent of the old times. Lodged beneath is a very fine wooden base, giving it a complete look.  Place any bulb either the ones with rust or wine colors or with any contrasting hues. You can add it to your vintage decor to enhance the look. And if you haven't any, then simply make it a part of trendy furnishing and enrich the decor.

by Aneeza Sehrish


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