EP Design Lab- A history in making

by Aneeza Sehrish
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EP Design Lab- A history in making


For a few years, we have been working on lighting products in an attempt to modify the lighting in your indoors and outdoors.

We took a step forward to provide you something more than just light- luxury, comfort, and decor. Whether you are decorating your new home or remodeling the present one, we are there to cater to your lighting needs.

EP Design Lab takes pride in being the future to the world of lighting. We light your lives in the best of the ways!



We aim to illuminate your surroundings with our range of best lighting products, i.e. LED bulbs. And also, provide you with one of the unique and trendy decor elements.

Each product of the EP Design Lab is an example of fine craftsmanship and artistry. We provide unique hand-crafted bulbs according to your choice of colors and shape (Edison, tubular, vintage) of the bulb.

While manufacturing the products, EP Design Lab has kept in mind the menace caused by other lighting products. From the manufacturing techniques to the usage of these bulbs, environment-friendly ways are ensured. So, no harm to the environment and mankind is caused.

Join your hands with us to brighten the future yet saving the mother nature from the hazards of lighting products.



You want to know the reason ‘why to prefer our products?’ Below are some qualities of our products. You want to go for quality and compliance or not, up to you!

  • We have a wide variety of high-quality bulbs, lamps, and light bases for you to select from.
  • Each Bulb is custom-created and purely handmade from the best quality of resin that probably exists only in Burma.
  • Working life is up to 10,000 hours. It doesn’t burn even after long hours working.
  • Environmentally safe and recyclable resin.
  • Manufactured by eco-friendly silicon injections, which helps to minimize environmental impacts.
  • Highly transparent and break-proof material that won’t break on dropping. scratch resistant.
  • Bright and colorful mood lighting with no eye-harming glare.
  • Energy-efficient LED technology. It saves energy up to 63% of the traditional bulbs.
  • No need for changing the bulb time and again. So, it is pocket-friendly as well.
  • High-quality base made with real wood. It is a rechargeable battery-powered; having 20 hours of continuous brightness.
  • Print any logo or sign on the gift box and wood base or customize the printed logo inside the bulb.
  • Comes with the 30 days exchange and replace guarantee.


We hope to win your trust in us and make you a happy customer.

by Aneeza Sehrish


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