Decorate Your Room For Halloween with These Amazing Lights

by Aneeza Sehrish
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Decorate Your Room For Halloween with These Amazing Lights

When the month of October is ending and Halloween is just around the corner, probably everyone is planning for decor. And not just 'decor' but something extra special and extra eerie.

We know that you want the best ideas and schemes for Halloween decor. So, apart from the DIY ideas, there is something else to add to your decor.  And what's that?  The lighting. Yes, you read it right!  The amazing, Halloween-themed lights by EP Design Lab will make a glam-meets-scary combination.  So, grab your favorite spooky lights and add them to decor to amplify the essence of the occasion.

Batman Bulb

Are you a batman fan? Then... Why not add your favorite fictional character to the decor? This yellowish bulb with a cute bat in the center will give it a spooky touch while being not-too-scary. Additionally, It's a perfect choice to complement your bat-themed decor for Halloween party.


Skull Bulb

Hang this handcrafted skull bulb for Halloween dinner party,  either indoor or outdoor. And add a downright spooky addition to your front porch. This decor element is a  simple solution for DIY phobics. It adds a contemporary playfulness with its awesome skull motif.


Eye Bulb

This scary-eye bulb would be perfect for granting a full spooky effect. Get your outdoor, ready to serve treat-or-treaters. House these in separate holders or align them together on the wall. Either way, it would ensure to enhance the real spookiness of the area.


Devil Bulb

An especially Halloween designed bulb with details; blue ghost with black apparel standing in between the white strands. On switching it on at a nook somewhere, it will serve to create the eeriness perfectly. Or hang them over the dining table or near the door, creating a Halloween-y atmosphere while serving treats to kiddos.


Ghost Bulb

This Edison bulb consists of a handcrafted ghost, wearing a hat and a sweet smile ( Isn't that cute?).  This lighting decor element is the perfect balance between funny and spooky. This white bulb would go well with a colorful and cheery theme. So, yeah... Incorporate some ghostliness and fun to the decor, at the same time.

by Aneeza Sehrish


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