Customer Reviews & Fact : Do Himalayan salt lamps have health benefits?

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Customer Reviews & Fact : Do Himalayan salt lamps have health benefits?

Himalayan Salt Lamp : What Benefits are claimed ?

Himalayan salt lamps are decorative lights you can buy for your home, which are merely light bulbs of varying wattages placed within blocks of rock salt of varying sizes, have become an increasingly popular product in the alternative medicine scene and are marketed as “natural ionizers.”

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According a popular (and representative) Facebook post about salt lamps, the product can positively affect your health in 7 ways:

  • They emit “boundless amounts” of negative ions, which counter the positive ions that both surround us and make us feel bad.
  • Those ions increase oxygen flow to the brain which combats lethargy, gives you more energy, and causes you to be more alert and responsive to your surroundings.
  • The ions negate the “radioactive waves” or “electric smog” emitted by our electrical devices.
  • The ions offer protection from airborne toxins that could be floating around us.
  • The constant intake of negative ions makes your slumber less fitful, and helps you get more out of your rest.
  • The ions lower high blood pressure, reducing the chance of heart attacks and strokes.
  • The salt that is used in these lamps, Himalayan salt, contains up to 84 trace minerals that your body needs, allowing the lamp to also strengthen your bone, regulate your body pH, and balance the water content in your body.

In general, there are three main health claims made about Himalayan salt lamps:

  1. They Improve Air Quality
  2. They Can Boost Your Mood
  3. They Can Help You Sleep

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How do customers and buyers comment on Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Many people choose to buy Himalayan salt lamps simply because they like the way they look and enjoy the ambiance the pink light creates in their homes. Meanwhile, others find their supposed health benefits alluring. However, there are two voices about the benefits of Salt Lamp. 


1.“The salt lamps have helped my allergies tremendously and I feel sure there are many more benefits that are not as noticeable. 

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2.“My living room and bedroom are about 18 square feet. I can already tell the difference in the atmosphere. I will know more about the health benefits in a few months. Right now my wife is already sleeping better and somehow the house smells wonderful. (I didn't see that coming).

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3.“They are relaxing and soothing. I notice that I sleep better at night sine I purchased them.

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1.“ it does not sweat or purify he air as it should... I am very disappointed!” 

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2.“It fits really nicely in the space and adds to the decor. At night the light emitted is a warm kinda golden red color. I have not notice any change in air quality or smell just yet.

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3.“The light is strong so you'll have to wear a sleep mask. I don't particular think it's pretty so I have it on the floor and out of site. Who knows if it actually emits ions?

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How did scientists and chemists comment on Himalayan salt lamps?

  This claim has existed sporadically in the scientific literature for decades, but ultimately is not supported by current science. A 2013 review of psychological effects attributed to air ions, which looked at 33 studies from 1957 to 2012 evaluating “the effects of air ionization on depression, anxiety, mood states, and subjective feelings of mental well-being”, concluded:

“ No consistent influence of positive or negative air ionization on anxiety, mood, relaxation, sleep, and personal comfort measures was observed.”

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This claim stems from research performed on laboratory rats who were under anesthesia and essentially pumped directly with high concentrations of negatively ionized air. It goes without saying that humans are not rats, and a that specifically designed laboratory ionization instruments produce a whole lot more ions than a salt lamp, which, not to drive this point home too much, they do not.


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Nancy Potter
Nancy Potter

I am on oxygen 24/7 so I have a cord into my nose while in bed. So is it okay to have a Himalayan salt lamp in my bedroom? The oxygen tank is NOT in the room.

Neil Ewings
Neil Ewings

Keep these lamps away from limestone. It destroys the limestone. It has wrecked a limestone fireplace at my home and has cost over 2000 to replace it.

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