Amazing Mother's Day Gifts You Still Have Time To Get

by Selina Luo
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Amazing Mother's Day Gifts You Still Have Time To Get

Are you ready for Mother's Day gifts?

She's your everything. You can show your mom there's no limit to your love (even if there is for your spending).

Look at these gift ideas.


Flowering Tea


A pack of *blooming* teas that'll be both soothing and an Insta opportunity (assuming you're willing to help her upload it again).

Mom will love this gift. This pack comes in a pretty glass bottle and with three flavors: Peach Green Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, and Chrysanthemum Green Tea! You just plop the tea bud in and watch it do its magic!



Plant Terrariums


A duo of wall-hanging plant terrariums, because this is a much better aesthetic than all your childhood art she still insists on keeping. This Mother's Day gift makes life more beautiful.




mother's day gift ideas

A gorgeous candle as mother's day gift that'll make her feel a thousand miles away from all of her stress.

 The scent is both refreshing and warm, and is reminiscent of fancy designer clothing and homewares, so what’s not to like?



Galaxy Globe Necklace

mother day gift

Wear galaxy around your neck. Please note that each Galaxy Globe is unique and can be quite different. The actual paint curves inside is totally random and unique, because we handcraft every globe as an original work of art. Your mom would like it.




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Nail Polish

mother's day gift ideas

A bottle of gel nail polish so her hands can look salon fresh. This made her feel better on Mother's Day. Remember to choose the color she likes.



Shower Cap

mother's day gift ideas

A high-end shower cap that will protect her hair with style.



Memory Foam Pillow

mother's day gift ideas

A deluxe memory foam pillow so that she can have a peaceful night of sleep even if you've been a literal pain in her neck. Give your mother a good night's sleep on Mother's Day.



Silk Pillowcase

mother's day gift ideas

And a silk pillowcase to put it in, for all the times she's yelled at you for giving her wrinkles.





mother's day gift ideas

A glorious faux-fur throw blanket she can luxuriate under as you complain, whine, ask questions, and do all the other things children of great moms do.



 Smart Moxibustion Thermotheraphy Device

What about send your mother healthy. Based on descriptions in the ancient Chinese literature, the therapeutic effects of moxibustion are associated with treating chronic symptoms related to “deficiencies” and to the prevention of human disorders. Previous studies have demonstrated that moxibustion is effective when used to treat cervical vertigo, dysmenorrheal, chemotherapy-induced leucopenia, and various emergency conditions. This Mother's Day gift is very useful.




mother's day gift ideas

An elegant leather dress watch your mom will never want to take off. This Mother's Day gift is very practical. Your mother can wear the watch every day and think of your love for her.



Waterproof Seat Cover


A waterproof seat cover she can use to drive her favorite pup around while keeping her car spotless.





A pretty pair of sunglasses so your favorite lady will be the shades queen.

by Selina Luo


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