A Fairy Room Decorated With Lights

by Aneeza Sehrish
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A Fairy Room Decorated With Lights

So, you want to give your room a fairyland touch. And you have added some fairy-themed furnishing, curtains, and colors. What else? You are probably missing out on the main part of the decor... The lights. Yes, the lighting can contribute a lot towards a particular theme of the room.

 It totally depends upon you that whether you choose the lights with dull colors or the bright ones. As long as they fulfill your aim-to get the desired theme- it doesn't matter which ones you choose.

Getting back to the topic, you must be thinking about which lights to add in your room for the magical fairy theme... Let's have a solution for you. To scroll through the EP design Lab's collection is all you need. We have a huge collection of the highest quality LED bulbs that will fit your needs of the desired decor. And from where you would find the light bulbs of your favorite colors and designs so that you can make any of your desired themes in the room. Let's have a look at some of the bulbs from the collection.


Garden feels: Hydrangea bulb

The fairies are always linked with the flowers and garden. Sometimes, we also assume that their costumes are made up of flowers. So, with the different-colored Hydrangea bulbs, complement your fairy theme. Also, create an aura of elegance in your room.


Nature feels: Prairie bulb

The fresh colors of the Prairie bulb will add to the beauty of the theme. The aesthetics of greens and blues will give you the feel of the fairyland. Install these bulbs in your room and add a pinch of magic and a feel of nature.


Sky feels: Fire bulb


Fairies are also thought to live in the sky among the stars. Hence, they seem to possess the magic of the sky too. So, add these beautiful fire bulbs in your room. Now, you can assume yourself in the fairyland or simply assume yourself a fairy. *wink*

Galaxy feels: Galaxy bulb

This will let you feel that you are in the galaxy, somewhere at the sky above. The magical colors of the galaxy bulb will complement the fairy theme. So, beautify your themed decor by the addition of these galaxy bulbs.


What are you waiting for? Shop any of the bulbs from the EP Design Lab's exquisite collection and get ready to add a magical touch to your fairyland (aka your room). Happy shopping!

by Aneeza Sehrish



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