6 Best Plants To Decorate Your Home Office

by Mia Hu
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6 Best Plants To Decorate Your Home Office

It is universally acknowledged that environment will affect people's mood and work efficiency. The home office is an important work space. Everyone should learn how to decorate their home office, which is extremely essential. A good office should be designed in a style that you like, and there should also be plants that you like.
But how do we choose plants suitable for the office? Most people are busy with various tasks every day and sometimes forget to water the plants. Therefore, it is more appropriate to choose plants that are easier to grow. This means that even if we forget to take care of them, they can survive. The following will introduce 6 kinds of plants suitable for office.


  • Lucky Bamboo 

 This plant is actually an indoor plant. It is one of houseplants that are easy to grow. People usually put it on the table or on the floor. Lucky bamboo grows well in low light environments and can grow without soil when the stems are submerged in water.


  • Succulents

Succulents usually only need to be watered weekly and enjoy the sun and dry air.


  • Cacti

Cacti is one of the the best office space plants. But need to pay attention to its thorns. Choosing a cactus requires placing it in a place where no one would normally pass by. Commonly found in dry, harsh deserts, the cacti plant is probably one of the only plants that really does thrive on neglect. Cacti do prefer higher light, so if you are lucky enough to have a window desk they will thrive. If you're a plant novice, pick up a cactus.


  • ZZ plants

Their fat stalks and bulging roots store a huge amount of water, meaning you don’t have to search around the office for a watering can every day. Super hardy, it prefers moderate to bright light but tolerates low light or fluorescent bulbs. In addition, it's a hardy plant—if its leaves start falling off, just give it a good watering and it'll bounce right back.


  • Peace Lily

Peace lilies can bloom white flowers. These beautiful flowering plants are surprisingly easy to grow. Just keep the soil moist (but avoid overwatering!) Peace lily plants are also known for cleaning up the air, helping to remove toxins and create a nicer environment to work in. It’s tolerant of low light and is a vigorous grower too.


  • Pothos

It's a lovely, fast growing plant that cascades gracefully from hanging baskets or high shelves.  This sprawling plant is incredibly easy to take care of. It can tolerate the darkest cubicles and the brightest, window-filled offices with ease, and will still survive when you forgot to water it every once in a while. 

by Mia Hu


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