5 Top Edison Light bulbs Reviews - Pros and Cons

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5 Top Edison Light bulbs Reviews - Pros and Cons

1. Gordon & Bond Vintage Edison Light Bulb 60W 

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With users raving about the quality and stylish appeal of these bulbs, they are an ideal choice for those looking for versatile vintage style lighting.

Pros: These bulbs stand out for offering plenty of light without being overly bright, and users liked their warm amber glow. We love that this brand also offers high quality packaging for its bulbs, and that they are dimmable.

Cons:  Although rare, on occasion users received broken bulbs on arrival.


2.  KINGSO Dimmable 60W Edison Light Bulb

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These bulbs will immerse you in the atmosphere of the past by decorating the area with a charming amber light.

Pros:The impressive Edison bulb brightness will illuminate a fairly large area.

Cons:The bulb is more oblong than other models.


3. Rolay 60w Dimmable Vintage Edison Light Bulbs

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These are a solid choice when looking for durable bulbs that have a vintage appeal, but may not be the best choice for those who use the dimmable feature often.

Pros:  These are consistently liked for their beautiful bright light and attractive appeal that works with a variety of decor themes, from rustic to industrial. They stand out for offering a good amount of light and being high quality for the price.

Cons: Users sometimes reported a discernible buzzing noise when using the dimmer. Some felt the light was too bright.

4. Hudson Lighting 60 watt Vintage Light Bulb

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A quality American product  will create an amber glow at your place.

Pros:Beautiful wire cage Edison bulbs, warm glow, perfect for mood wall sconces. All arrived undamaged in individual boxes in internal plastic cases, packaged four to a larger box, then packed in an Amazon box with additional air bubble cushioning.

Cons: A few reported a slight buzzing when dimming, and a few customers said the bulbs burned out too quickly.


5. NALAKUVARA 60w Vintage Light Bulb

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A popular and attractive choice in Edison type bulbs that has a few issues with quality control.

Pros: Many users give positive comments about the attractive appearance and bright yet warm light. We love that they are designed to be long-lasting.

Cons: Some consumers reported that the bulbs burned too hot, and a few experienced bulbs breaking when in use, so quality control could be improved.


*Special Recommend - EPlight Edison Bulb

EPlight Edison bulbs

 For those who want something a bit different,  the highly transparent resin create a soft, ambient effect. Its Pollock inspired style and smoke effect ensure you'll enjoy a touch of 19th century charm. Shop Now >>


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